$DOG x PizzaDAO Pizza Party @ Consensus

Pizza Rave in ATX: $DOG x PizzaDAO
We’re throwing a super fun party like the ones we threw in NYC and Denver! Video from Denver: https://twitter.com/Pizza_DAO/status/1635293010937389057/

Requesting: $1000
Plan: Throw a pizza rave together in Austin on Thursday night
In what ways will this proposal directly benefit the OTD community? (utility, revenue, growth): growth of the community by introducing all the consensus attendees to the value of owning your $DOG
Elevator pitch (why should it be funded?) People in $DOG masks handing out pizza, how could we go wrong?
Can you receive payment in installments or do you need the full budget up front? Full please
Budget Breakdown: See budget here Pizza Rave Consensus 2023 - Google Sheets
Is there a revenue element to this proposal? No
Are there legal considerations? No
Will this project require developer build time/needs? No
Meet the Team: https:// discord . gg / pizzadao
Outline your team’s experience and expertise in the area, as well as any passions, hobbies and other notable facts you would like to include: we’ve given away over $600k of pizza in more than 75 countries
Timeline: party is Thursday


LFD sounds like it will be a lot of fun :pizza: :heart:

we likes the snax

and the pizza