Let’s Throw a Global Pizza Party! OwnTheDoge x PizzaDAO

We want to celebrate the world’s largest (decentralized) pizza party with the OwnTheDoge community! We’re requesting $4,269 in funding to support PizzaDAO’s third global pizza party for Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22, 2023. Through this grant we’re seeking to co-brand Doge x PizzaDAO’s Bitcoin Pizza Day events currently being organized in 100+ cities around the globe.


This proposal directly funds 1,365+ slices of pizza that will be distributed through local PizzaDAO events and community organizations on May 22, 2023.

  1. Bitcoin Pizza Day to onboard communities one slice at a time. Co-branding marketing materials, events, and media reaching tens of thousands of participants globally.
  2. Celebrating the DogeNFT community with free pizza by inviting community members out to PizzaDAO events.

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Pizza Day provides a low-risk opportunity to advance brand recognition of TheDogeNFT through earned media and activations at IRL events – all while doing some good and bringing people together with free pizza.

PizzaDAO has been an active partner of the TheDogeNFT community with our pizza parties at web3 conference events. This partnership would cement the vibes and values of PizzaDAO and OwnTheDoge together as well as spread the messages of community and funding weird stuff around the globe.


We’re helping pizzerias around the world use crypto to empower their businesses while giving back to their communities. We believe that we can assist businesses to become community owned by tokenizing the pizzerias in our network using open source technology. Beyond that, we believe that pizza is a public good and that Rare Pizzas’ Art to Pizza model can be replicated to solve some of the world’s biggest problems while spreading joy (and sauce).

We created our Global Pizza Party as an accessible and fun way to get introduced to and utilize blockchain technologies. Plus, throwing a global pizza party is a good team-building exercise for Spaceship Earth!

  • We believe markets can be positive sum and can enrich communities
  • We believe that we can use digital scarcity to bring analog plenty
  • We believe artists deserve to be honored and compensated
  • We believe anyone should be allowed to help others without asking for permission
  • We believe memes are powerful vessels for raising awareness
  • We believe in equal inclusion of all pizza toppings (yes, even pineapple)


We are a global community of hackers, pizza enthusiasts, NFT creators, collectors, artists and rebels who believe in using crypto to make the world a better place.

PizzaDAO’s community is made up of new entrants to the industry and members that have been in the crypto space for years, including several OwnTheDoge members, early Bitcoin community organizers, Gitcoin KERNEL Fellows, and past award recipients. PizzaDAO alumni now work on countless other projects in the crypto space, a direct result of our commitment to education and onboarding.

Let’s Form Group Collab.Land Mini-Doc

[image]Let’s Form Group | PizzaDAO


To date, PizzaDAO has given away over $600,000 worth of real, edible pizza in more than 75 countries. You might have eaten some during previous global pizza parties or at NFT.NYC, DCentral Miami, NFT Paris, NFT Sydney, ETHDenver, SXSW, NFTLA, Consensus, or one of the many smaller events we’ve supported. Now, we need your help!

  • Over 200,000 slices served
  • Over 500 pizzerias supported
  • Presence in 75+ countries
  • Thousands of people onboarded to web3
  • Over $600,000 of pizza given away!


We appreciate your consideration despite the short timeline. Funds received will be distributed through PizzaDAO’s multisig address and used to purchase pizza that will be given out at events on May 22, 2023.

To execute this transaction PizzaDAO would sell $2,000 USDC worth of $DOG to purchase pizzas from independent pizzerias supplying community events. Remaining tokens will be added to PizzaDAO’s multisig treasury holding 3.9M $DOG that was granted by OwnTheDoge DAO in 2022.


Wallet address:



I personally love the idea of having a fun DAO alliance and I think that Pizza Day is a noble event worth supporting.

I do hope we get some good social’s engagement from support like this, so maybe follow up spaces, tagged in tweets, etc. will be important. Also want Snax to come laugh in our spaces every once in a while, no speaking, just laughing.

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I love this event and I’m glad we were able to get some merch shipped out across the world; I think that our relationship with Snax and PizzaDAO is valuable and I look forward to seeing what awesome things we can do together in the future.

I think it is great advertising each time we are tagged in a tweet or included in a twitter space and I can’t wait to see our Own The Doge posters and merch on display at these upcoming parties.