DAOge should donate 12.69M $DOG to Bronze the Doge Initiative

1. Overview

For Kabosu’s 17th birthday, Own the Doge teamed up with other communities (Dogecoin Foundation, Feisty Doge NFT, Doge Pound NFT, Rainbow) to launch a campaign to raise $42,069 to build a life-size bronze statue of Kabosu in her favorite park. Since Own the Doge has spearheaded the campaign, it’s only natural that the DAO chips in to donate 12,690,000 $DOG ($9,000 USD on 12/5/22) to get high on the top 11 donor plaque, solidifying their involvement to this legendary monument in Doge history.

2. Proposed use of $DOG grant

The entirety of the 12.69M $DOG would be donated to the bronzethedoge.eth erc20 donation wallet, where all proceeds will go to building the statue.

3. Experience

The initiative is led by Own the Doge and Dogecoin Foundation, who have done extensive work to reach out to Atsuko Sato and her town for approval, as well as estimate $ for building, transporting, planting the life-sized statue.

4. Timeline

The donation would be made immediately after approval from the DAOge. The park restoration and statue build is expected to complete in 2024.

5. Other Thoughts

FAQ is covered here - Bronze The Doge. Kabosu's 17th birthday statue fundraise by Ownthedoge, PleasrDAO, NFD, Dogecoin Foundation and Rainbow. | BronzeTheDoge


I definitely think we should donate 9k at some point however Ive been thinking about it and i think it would be hilarious if due to the price changing up and down multiple ppl who donate get to be the person who gets it over the line. Thought that might could be fun. Then maybe we move the needle to 69,420k and donate ours to get to 69k

over the 42k line* - thought it could make for funny engagement

Well now that donation from nfd.eth came in, I guess we should go more along Julia’s suggestion. Yes Daoge obviously needs to make a donation! But now that the goal is reached and the actual window is opened until 6th of December, maybe stretch it to 69k and we’ll see how it goes. Maybe it will have to be moved again. And then for grand finale Daoge makes final big donation.

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I support donation, I think the 42k should be a milestone just so it does not look like we are changing donation targets, so the higher target should be horse sized doge or even bigger buff doge etc

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My vote is yes on a donation, I think we belong in the top 11 on that plaque. I know that 9k was proposed to fill the gap to our goal but now that our first goal has been reached I am wondering if we want to donate a meme amount or lucky number; Regarding when the donation is made I’m indifferent/ can see both sides, but excited to see it happen!

I vote yes on the donation :slight_smile: Can drop it at any time, would be fun to make it strategic

I vote yes to donate. One question I have is will the Bronze the Doge Initiative need to convert all of the donations to a specific currency? It would be good to get the donations converted into a stable or final currency so the $ total doesn’t change abruptly due to market conditions.

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The original plan was to convert all crypto into USDC at the end of the campaign

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we’re converting to USDC at the end of the fundraising (Dec 6th)

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It sounds like it’s not “if”, but “how much” and “when”. Now that the $42k goal has been reached, we’ll need to figure out the other 2 outstanding questions. It seems like everyone is pretty comfy with a $9k donation, but I think it should also be whatever gets us in the top 11 (for plaque space) if things get wild at the end.

Agreed the donation can be dynamic, and if it looks like DAOge is falling out of top 11 we submit new donation.

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Lets submit for 9.6k usd in time for statue fundraise wrap up, this will put us towards the top of the ranking and will cement our legacy?

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Something along these lines. First place is kinda steep, but also doable I guess. It would be fitting. Hopefully market plays along. 2 more days!