Statue Unveiling = Doge Pilgrimage v2 UPDATED

This is the updated version of the latest proposal for Doge Day :slight_smile:


Remember how dope Pilgrimage v1 was?

Let’s do it again, bigger, and better, for the unveil of the Doge Statue in Sakura City on November 2nd!

It is Kabosu’s 18th birthday, the unveiling of our much anticipated Bronze Doge statue, and there are also some other secret things in the works that will make this day even more epic.


Make Doge Day (November 2nd) the biggest Doge event we can put together, generating massive media buzz around the world, with special guests, world class entertainment, surprises, and a kennel load of WOW!

Organize an awesome event surrounding the unveiling of the Doge Statue in Sakura City.


The main event on November 2nd will be open to the public for free. We want everyone to come from far and wide.

We also want to organise a VIP Ticket Package, building on the success of The Doge Pilgrimage v1. We anticipate this will be a BYO flight deal, where 10 (And way more from Japan) VIP guests pay $1420ea for two nights accommodation, transport, meals, a Limited Doge Swag Bag, exclusive VIP Networking Event and VIP treatment on Doge Day.


We will invite special guests from Japan to attend on the day. These KOLs are VIPs but will not be a part of the VIP program that we plan to sell tickets for, but rather, will be invited, and have costs covered, so that they can promote the event to their audiences, we’re looking for web3 projects, local influencers, content makers, and youtubers, to have the maximum spread.


We are in current talks with Sakura City Council. OTD has built relationships with the Mayor of Sakura City, through Atsuko Sato, as part of our Bronze the Doge project (Project Manager: SaladPingers). The first step will be to partner with Sakura City and agree on the scale of this production. We’re having those conversations now.

We are engaging our trusted translator, Yohei to work with us on deepening relationships with Sakura City, Atsuko, and Takenaka (the Bronze foundry).

We are seeking in-kind support from Sakura City, and will work closely with them to deliver something they are excited for, and proud of.


We will also seek sponsorship from Japanese web3 orgs such as Coinpost, who we have an ongoing relationship with. We have identified a number of potential sponsors. In return for their financial support, we will promote them on all marketing collateral for Doge Day in the lead up, and as part of the infrastructure we hire/build on Nov 2nd. The deals made will be on a case by case basis.


We will work with sponsors and partners to build an exciting itinerary for Doge Day, and confirm media coverage for the day, Ellio will help out with drafting a deliverable list so everyone from within the team is aware of what to do, when to release a specific piece, etc.


We will create an NFT drop to commemorate the event, with free/cheaper mints available for connected communities such as OTD, NFD (see FINANCES, below) and other potential sponsors.


Some of the events/activations/concepts we are exploring:

-Speeches by the Mayor, Atsuko, John Monarch, etc

-Photobooth and/or media wall with Yellow Carpet
-Press moment → Atsu + OTD crew

-Food trucks

-Drone Show

-Decentralised Dance Party

-Roving Performers

-Birthday Mochi

-Live Stream element (for Upland, and others)

-Side events/after parties/kick-ons → CoinPost.

START OF THE DAY Breakfast for VIP + Crew
12:00 Going to event with coach
13:30 VIPs + Public arrive at event
14:00 DK + SP Open event (Speech)
14:30 Doge Pub Quiz (Giveaway 5 Swags)
15:30 Music (Local artists/DJ/Hype Soichi Terada**)
16:30 Unveiling Event (wow); Light Spots on the actual.
16:45 Photo Op for Press with Atsuko, OTD, etc***
17:00 Drone Show (15 mins)

17:15 DDP
18:15 Coaches leave for Tokyo
19:45 till late? VIP Networking Event, Drinks and Karaoke!

  • Times and events are rough estimates.
    ** Potential dj / interactivity for the music part.

*** If possible due to health of Kabosu + Atsuko

Ellio is researching the possibility.



We need to push this to a vote immediately so that we can fund the work required to start conversations with Sakura City and potential sponsors. We also need lead time to book accommodation and meals for a large group.


We are asking the DAOge for $35k to cover part of this project. Our expenditure currently exceeds this, so additional sponsorship needs to be confirmed asap.

We will accept a vesting plan, as long as the total funded amount is calculated in $USD. Ie. We will accept x $DOG tokens per week, to the value of $1000USD, for 35 weeks. This ensures OTD is managing their risks, and that our funds will not be subject changes in $DOG price. We will convert each week’s $DOG to USDC immediately. Also open to different vesting arrangements.

To confirm additional sponsors, we will work with Elliothereum to create a Pitch Deck, and leverage our collective networks to approach relevant community representatives.

We have already secured $5k from NFD via Path, in return for tying their community into this event.

We have met with CoinPost this week to discuss sponsorship, in-kind support, and connection to their Japanese media networks.

The NFT that we create for this event will have royalties going to OTD, NFD, and the artist who creates it.

It is hard to know at this stage how large the expenditure and revenue will end up being. Expenditure will be on event logistics (stage, tech, performers, food, personnel, etc) and will be determined after discussions with Sakura City Council. Revenue will come from OTD, NFD, other sponsors, ticket sales.

Revenue and any profit will go first to OTD, repaying the $35k grant, then to NFD, repaying their $5k. Profit after that will be split as follows:

80% to OTD
10% to Charity

10% to the Organising Team

SaladPingers: Project Lead & Manager, Full Time.
Smoke: Logistical Support and Community Manager. Also Comms Support and Swag bag lead
Yohei: Translator & Pre-production work and a week on-the-ground
Mojo: Content, including live cuts from dailies/rushes
Opti: Memes and marketing support
Ellio + assistant: Content Lead, and on-the-ground shooter/editor,
DogeKing: Tour Guide, Host, Logistical Support

Here is a current BREAKDOWN OF COSTS as they stand. This budget may grow or shrink based on discussions with the Sakura Council. Some aspects need to remain confidential for opsec and surprises.

(All personnel will have flights, accomm, and meals covered, as is standard)

SaladPingers: $5000

Yohei: $1700

Mojo: $750

Smoke $1500

Opti $300

Elliotherium + Assistant $1500

DogeKing $0 (DK is providing his services in-kind)

Shubh $500

TOTAL = $11250


Flights for Personnel + additional OTD staff and supporting partners/VIPs who need assistance to make it over: $11000

Ubers/PT: $500

Freight (large items need to shipped in/out): $900

Private Coaches (unsure on requirement. Depends on confirmed accomm and group size, etc): $1145

TOTAL = $13545


Personnel accommodation in lead up to Doge Day: $2900

VIP accommodation for 2 nights (Nov 1st, Nov 2nd), also covers Personnel: $7000

TOTAL = $9900


Personnel accommodation in lead up to Doge Day: $390

VIP meal on Nov 1st, also covers Personnel: $800

Doge Day (Nov 2nd) food options (will seek sponsorship and in-kind support to bring this down, but we need to make sure VIPs and Personnel are covered): $1500

Final brunch for VIPs on Nov 3rd: $500

TOTAL = $3190


OTD Marquee and merch/supplies: $1000

Swag Bag: $1500

Activities, Dj, Drone show, ddp, performers, aesthetics, and surprises: $7000

TOTAL = $9500


Paid ads and write ups, press: $3000

Influencer/KOL partnerships: $2000

NFT Drop Expenses: $500

IRL Banners/Backdrop/Mediawall: $1200

TOTAL = $6700


For all the hidden costs and things that go wrong/crop up last minute: $1000

TOTAL = $1000

GRAND TOTAL = $55085


Tickets batch 1: 10 for $1420k each = $14200
Tickets batch 2 only opens up if we get sponsorship coverage of costs.

OTD grant: $35k

NFD sponsorship: $5k

Merch: Revenue TBC and would require OTD ownership. This will be a collab with John Moncarch’s proposed merch plan.

NFT Drop: Revenue TBC and would require OTD ownership. Royalties to OTD, NFD, the artist, and potentially other partners/sponsors who contribute to this.

Additional Sponsors: TBC

Press, Polygon, Parallel, Coinbase (Base), Coinpost, Dogepalooza, Doge Pound, Moonrunners, PleasrDAO, PizzaDAO, Prophouse, Pudgy Penguin, CoinDesk (in resource/article), Reuters (Get article published here), Sakura City, Upland (possible digital merch sale + livestream).

This is a large budget, with some items over allocated for safety. SP is experienced at managing budgets of this scale. As long as we can secure additional sponsors, we are confident we can pull this off. If sponsors are hard to confirm, we can reduce the scope in certain areas. This is as detailed a breakdown as we can provide right now, and we need to start work immediately, building relationships and disseminating a Pitch Deck to potential sponsors/partners.


August - First week of Sept

-As soon as this proposal is approved and first payment is received, we can engage Yohei to start our conversations with Sakura City Council, Atsuko, and Takenaka to confirm the scale of the event and also potential sponsorship/in-kind support.

-We will work with Elliotherium to create a Pitch Deck for sponsors and build a list of targets. Then we will approach them one-on-one, leveraging OTD networks where necessary. As part of this stage, we will produce a hype video, used for selling tickets and pitching to sponsors.

First two weeks of Sept

-Having confirmed the scale and commitment from Sakura City Council, we will build our pitch for target VIPs, and approach them one-on-one to confirm their interest in buying a ticket

-We will build our marketing timeline and delegate roles/responsibilities

-We will start booking accommodation

-Seek to confirm additional sponsorship/funding/in-kind support

By end of September

-Tickets on sale. Media promotion and publicity to hype the event.

-Confirm KOLs, local influencers, special guests, etc who will help us to market the event to their audiences.

-Book flights, accommodation and start to confirm food/tech partners.

First two weeks of October

-Continue selling, and confirming logistics of event.

-Build the NFT piece

-Send out media release

Last two weeks of October

-Final planning, confirmations and hard publicity push.

There will be a more detailed itinerary for the final week of October and the first week of November, which will get built as we move forward.