National Doge Day

GOAL: Create a national DAY OF DOGE on November 2 (Kabosu’s birthday) that is celebrated worldwide every year.

“Doge Day” (or Bork Day lolz) could launch on Kabo’s 18th birthday during the Statue reveal in Sakura, Japan THIS YEAR!


Approval Letter From National Day Calendar:

“Congratulations! You have been approved for a National Day.

You are in a very select company as under 20 new days are added annually from over 30,000 submitted applications.

Most days range from 50 to 100 million reach. A few designations like National Coffee Day or National Pizza Day have a reach of over 1 Billion annually.

The National Day Calendar has over 20,000 media that follow us directly so the reach can be substantial.

Programs like Ellen, Fox & Friends, Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, CBS Morning, Good Morning America and many others use the National Day Calendar for content.

A Super Bowl ad will be seen by 50-60 million people and cost $4 million plus production costs.

In 2022 our days trended over 450 times on Social Media! The National Day Calendar is now the largest trending topic of all time.

In order to finalize your National day, you must select a base package.”



I recently met the team that runs the National Day Calendar at the TEDx event where I gave the first anon, masked TED talk on Doge and the Meme Revolution.

We’ve been chatting over the past year and I finally got the chance to pitch the Doge Day idea. They are now supportive of making this a reality.

They have created the likes of Avocado Day, Volkswagen Bus day (opening event attended by 10k people in LA), and many others.



$25,000 – $125,000

Downpayment for packages starting at $25,000, plus $2,500/year renewal.

So, minimum would be $25k + paying for the next 3 years ($7.5k) for $32.5k total.

Max would be $100k ‘kitchen sink’ package with 10 years prepaid of $125,000 total.

I’d prob recommend we settle in the middle with $25k ‘Base Package’ plus 5 years prepaid of renewals ($12,500) for $37,000 total.

Here’s their breakdown of each of their 3 tiers:

> Base Package

  • 20 x 30 Framed Proclamation.
  • Media Advisory sent to the over 20,000 media sources and personalities that follow National Day Calendar 2 weeks in advance of your National Day.
  • New Day Proclamation sent to everyone that follows National Day Calendar 3-4 days in advance of your National Day. This is also included in all social media feeds.
  • Organic Story placed on National Day Calendar for your National Day the first year. The story will include your company as the founder of your National Day. Your company will always be recognized as the founder in perpetuity.
  • Branded Official Image (often used by media for enhanced reach, must abide by our policies).
  • National Day Calendar will create and promote the official hashtag.
  • Facebook Event / Twitter Event to give away prizes.
  • Use of National Day Calendar Logo.
  • Static ad on your National Day Page until 3 months in advance of next year. ($12,500 Value) First right of refusal for the static ad the following year.
  • An ad buy option at 50% of current market value in blocks of 1 million views – a maximum of ten blocks allowed.

Base Package price – $25,000 plus an annual commitment of $2,500 of product or services for prize giveaways.

> Plus Package

  • Everything in Base Corporate Package
  • Facebook Event Page with Ad
  • Total 20 million ads on National Day Calendar website for a total ad value of $100,000.
  • Video from National Day Calendar founder proclaiming your National Day. Use on your website and social media channels.
  • Declare a location as the “Official Destination” with full use of Official Destination seal. Founder of National Day will be “on-site” for declaration. The declaration will be streamed to our Social Media feeds. All travel costs for 2 people from the National Day team are included in the price.

Plus Package price – $50,000

> Everything but the Kitchen Sink Package (OK, if you want a kitchen sink, we will throw it in).

  • Everything in Base and Plus Corporate Packages
  • Total 30 million ads on National Day Calendar Website for a total ad value of $150,000.
  • National Day Calendar Photo Page created.
  • Founder of National Day Calendar (“Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson) will be available at your location for appearances and a proclamation ceremony if schedule allows.
  • A 30-minute video from film crew at the event.
  • 200 photos from the crew.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Package price – $100,000


Promotion Support

Here is their reach in addition to helping us create the day:

Full deck here with more on their promotional channels: Destination Celebration - Opportunity Deck (1).pdf



Creating the world’s first and official Doge Day falls directly in line with Own The Doge being the Culture DAO of Doge and bringing Doge to where she’s never been before.

Own The Doge would be credited with another wild idea built and served for the greater Doge community joining the likes of Bronze The Doge, the Doge Pilgrimage, the Doge Documentary, the Douch, Doge to Space, and so many other incredible dogely activities that have occurred since The Doge NFT was fractionalized into $DOG for all to own a piece of internet history and contribute to where Doge will go next.




> What are your biggest success stories?

Recent Success stories include Volkswagen Bus Day, which included worldwide coverage and an amazing event in Huntington Beach CA. Also, National Avocado Day was a hit in its first year. Ellen Degeneres did a bit on her show, and many morning shows across the country did stories on avocados. I expect the same type of coverage will happen for Doge Day.

> Can you offer any higher tier discounts if we go above the $25k? If we prepay for renewal for X years, can you offer discounts?

What we can offer, instead of a discount, is a digitally signed proclamation to all donors if you do the 50K level.


I like this, just post it all over Facebook groups, the meme, crypto and stock trading groups in particular.

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I am a fan of this, I would love to see Doge Day become a reality.

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we would need to finalize this by august 25 they told me

I love the idea of having a Doge day, definitely fits in our goal of proliferating doge. I checkout out their socials and it seems they are big on facebook. Instagram and Twitter is dry but with big television shows and channels picking up themes from the National Day Calendar, I am optimistic the return should match the investment.

Not to mention this would catch the eye of the entire Doge community at large!

I think I mentioned this to y’all a year or two ago so obviously I’m a fan :joy: I didn’t realize it cost that much but out of all the other random holidays that exist, I don’t know how this wouldn’t be huge

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This is huge, it’s a great opportunity for exposure to the mainstream. I think this is worth the cost.

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Hey Tridog,

This doge would be wild, all for it, date is all good with me, and we should align this with the statue unveil / birthday.

Is there a way where we could mitigate costs together with the Doge Foundation or Other Doge related projects/DAO’s? Seeing this will benefit the greater good for Doge.

Also, do we know what their policies are in regard to promotional + crypto?
Ideally, IF we can get other parties involved, we could opt for a bigger package including promotional on the day itself. Not sure if this is too short term, if not I would go with the option below.

I would also opt in some promotional material/content needed for the actual day of
$500-750 USD

I would go for:
“I’d prob recommend we settle in the middle with $25k ‘Base Package’ plus 5 years prepaid of renewals ($12,500) for $37,000 total.”

agree - and just to update - final total is $32,500.00 USD - we would only need to pay for 3 more years and then it persists from there from my understanding