In-Person Meetup with Kabosu-chan

This is a proposal for DOGE meetup that CoinPost is going to organize with Kabosu-chan and her mother.
The meetup is going to be regarded as a side event of WebX conference (biggest web3 conference in Japan & the prime minister of Japan is attending as a speaker)

We want people from the community to join the event and give a speech. (currently asking tridog)
Also, we want ownthedoge community to help us promote this meetup.
Lastly, we want the community to provide NFTs for this meetup. (asking to DOGE foundation as well)

This might be the last in-person event that we can have with Kabosu-chan.
Let’s give her a big thanks at this event.

Expense needed is travel fees to Japan & maybe fees to create NFTs.

Hope we can make this event a big success with you guys.


This is awesome, I am interested to hear more about the logistics and full scope of this trip!

sounds like a great idea, the more the community the better! Would appreciate more clarity on the following questions-

  1. Travel fees for who?
  2. What should be the rough $ estimate for this proposal?
  3. What are the dates for the event?
  4. Is the Doge meet up also organised by Coinpost? Is there any confirmation for the same?

so all you need from us is

1/ 1-2 people from Own The Doge to attend and speak and help with event?

2/ can you explain the “creating NFTs” part? that could be a lot of work w/o scoping it out

3/ anything else? financial or that would take time to do?

also, im used to most conferences covering travel costs of speakers. i think it would be more likely if you covered travels costs for speakers for someone to attend from the team.

also, do you have a link to the event and more info? maybe a deck?

Thanks for your feedback guys! I’ll answer these questions.

  1. Yes, I think tridog will be speaking at WebX as well, so asking tridog to speak at this meetup as well.
  2. Sorry that I forgot to add the proposal deck fro this. NFTs are going to be used in this event. Let’s discuss about this in online meeting.
  3. Meetup Deck : DOGEEEE PARTY のコピー - Google Slides
    WebX conference website :