Investment: DOG <-> NFD Swap

Both DOG and NFD have communities holding the same values and objectives; both care deeply about Kabosu and her magic, and have created entire ecosystems around propagating this. Both NFTs share the same provenance - it makes sense if we could directly share in eachother’s success.

The DAOs of the respective communities hold large, illiquid portions of their own token that would harm their prices if liquidated. This post proposes that NFD & DOG amounts equal to approximately $50,000 are swapped between the two DAOs, such that each community has significant exposure to the other’s token. This will help diversify the treasury of each DAO without impacting liquid funds, and incentivises the co-operation of the two communities. With zero impact to real runway, both DAOs would benefit from the appreciation of their sister community’s token. It promotes unity within the two communities and will help create a cohesive alliance where we could share skills, ideas and resources.

An exact detail of the swap, if approved:
feistydao.eth (0x8569FCa4fb54CE58228992CDA60bc920A574cf39) would send 2.25 Billion NFD to the DAOGE Treasury (0x563B1AE9717e9133b0C70D073C931368E1bd86E5).
DAOGE Treasury would then send 62 million DOG to feistydao.eth.
(numbers are approximate at time of writing)

I believe this would strengthen both communities - would love to hear what others think of this proposal.


I think this is a cool idea!

i support the deepening of our DAO relationship and the harmonizing of our communities - doges together stronger

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Great Idea.

Kabosu 4 lyfe

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I support this :+1: :sunglasses:

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huge fan of NFD , I support.

+1 in support, to the memeverse & beyond

LFD - I totally support this. I believe $50k (while not being an expense/liquidated) makes this a community snapshot vote to pass on our side. Once DIC approves - we can elevate to community wide token voting.

@path - does NFD need to approve this through their governance system as well?


i still love this and hope everyone gives you full support

Yep, let’s go. All memes rise.

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While NFD’s token does technically get to vote on the DAO’s actions, at this moment I still control an overwhelming portion of the float. There has also not been any opposition voiced within the community, so a vote would simply be a formality.


Great to see $DOG and $NFD getting more and more together, the synergy effect will increase visibilty!


agree xoxo all doges unite!