Mint 700 Pixels from Treasury Funds to be held by the DAOge

In celebration of our 1st Birthday here at The Doge NFT we thought it would be appropriate to mint 700 Pixels, 100 a day for 7 days, to be held exclusively by the DAOge — the most fun DAO in the world.

We think that this will be beneficial to further instill our dedication to the pixel portal and all perks and advantages that come along with pixel ownership. We also feel that it is important for the DAOge to be the largest holder of pixels or the “leader of the dog pack” so that anyone who visits the portal will easily recognize our dedication and belief in what we are building.

That being said, we believe that community consensus is at the core of our vision for the DAOge so we are leaving this decision up to you; If you hold $DOG or Pixels please cast your vote to help shape the future of The Doge NFT.

DAOge Treasury Budget Proposal to mint 700 Pixels
38,668,000 $DOG (CMV $41,641.56) & 3 ETH to cover GWEI fees (CMV $4,983.12)