Pixel Minting Bounty via Layer3

1. Overview

I’m working with Layer3 to set up a bounty through Layer3’s platform that will incentivize 500 new users to mint a doge pixel. This would cost 8,484,500 $DOG (to participants) + 500 $USDC (to Layer3). I’m asking the DAOge to subsidize this expense. https://beta.layer3.xyz/

2. Proposed use of $DOG grant:

People will either need to buy $DOG or use their existing $DOG to lock and mint a Pixel NFT through the pixel portal. If they meet this requirement, hold the pixel for 5 days and show proof, they will be able to claim 16,969 $DOG (~$17 USD) and Layer3 XP (that unlocks Layer3 perks/NFTs). To use Layer3’s platform, they charge $1 per successful user claim. This explains the $DOG and USDC ask.

Layer3 also mitigates bot/sybilling by ensuring unique users through Twitter & Discord verification. They will also add a time-bound rule through our quests feature so that users have to hold for ~5 days before claiming (which should increase pixel/user retention).

3. Experience:

On a given day, they have 5-7k daily active users who take 30,000 on-chain actions because of them. Therefore it’s reasonable to believe they can get 500 users to mint the pixel NFTs (even with the min threshold requirement) and they’re optimistic that they’ll be able to increase that to 1,000.

Brandon Kumar (Founder of Layer3) published a thread on their stats & impact over the weekend that might help drive the point home. Here is the link.

4. Timeline:

Layer3 can launch this bounty ASAP. It’ll stay open and active until all 500 users are recorded. It’ll be contingent on when the DIC appoves the proposal and when the $DOG rewards and USDC are sent to Layer3.

5. Other thoughts:

We’ve also used Layer3 for past bounties and have a really good relationship with the core team to give the DAOge great service as well as the DAOge being able to employ quality bounty hunters (Shubh, Mojo Jojo, Optimistic Intern). Being able to bring more awareness of our project to many qualified users is the what we’re striving for and I believe this incentive structure is appropriate to increase our pixel holdership by over 150%. Layer3 has also agreed that they would highlight this bounty on their website, socials and discord to enhance exposure and participation. The USDC ask is static, but the $DOG incentive structure is open for discussion, but I think this is a fair amount to incentivize a pixel mint.