Bark on Twitter for Doge Pixels

Hello everyone

This is my first time writing on the Dao forum as I got involved with Dog only in the past year (through buying the token) and only more recently on the various social media platforms, because CT was getting swarmed by other similar projects.
Some people may know me as learningxbt on CT or lk in various platforms.

My idea is related to our recent struggle to gain some traction back on CT, given the fact that there are other projects with similar tickers and our presence got obfuscated quite a bit.
So I was thinking it would be effective to reserve a small portion (quantity to be agreed upon) of undistributed supply to organize some catchy Pixel giveaway chains on Twitter in order to gain some status and direct some attention towards our project.

Some of the attention gained this way may be fleeting, but the potential to attract people seriously interested in the Doge is there (similary to airdropping supply to users on various chains) .
If timed and managed properly, with community hype and participation, I am fairly confident this would benefit our cause and drive more people towards Owning the doge.

What do you guys think? Suggestions and clarifications (especially regarding eventual usage of supply) are welcome


hi ik! welcome to the dao inner workings. glad to have you here. i think this makes sense to do again. we did some fun drops at the beginning of the year and based on the plan here will continue to do more: Supply Redistribution Plan - #20 by tridog

@nottyboy420 also see above and let’s do some more activations like this.


Thanks for submitting this idea, I think Pixel giveaways // other fun activations on X are definitely valuable, would love to hear more

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Hey fam, love to see you on the governance page. We have done many Pixel and DOG giveaways in the past and they do help. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to own the Doge. Irrespective of the buying capacity, you can be an active participant in our ecosystem and win such bounties!!

The reason we took a back step on these bounties during the past month was the enormous Base giveaway which attracted a lot of “airdrop farmers” and “giveaway hunters” to our audience. The aim was to educate these people about Doge and not keep “giveaways” as their sole motivation to stay engaged in the community.

Now, the timing seems right as the Base airdrop dust has settled. We plan on hosting some Pixel and DOG bounties soon. Zealy bounties will go live as well. Here are a few ideas I had in mind for Q3 bounties [LMK which ones you like and what more would you like to see]:

  • Meme competitions- make fun DOG / Doge memes on topics like provenance, fractionalisation, backed meme coins + some upcoming events [redacted]

  • Twitter Thread/ Explainers- write the best explainer thread for Own The Doge, a what-a-what for all the new frens we have onboarded

  • Zealy will have a more engagement based/ regular bounties and people on top of our leaderbork will be rewarded every month [right @boop ?]

  • Discord events? X Puzzles? Somethings we are still ideating on


Thank you for articulating on this.

These all seem very nice and fun ideas which would certainly fit the agenda.

How about coupling all that with simple (maybe more sporadically spread out) giveaways with the only requirement being the simple old fashioned "like follow retweet? "

Of course the amount of effort required to participate is basically 0 and would attract lower quality audience overall, but it seems like a good way to get under the spotlight quickly with minimal investment on our part as well.

I am gonna give a thought on other fun ideas to add to your list though! Thank you all for the inputs and references

Gm nottyboy420!

These are all great ideas that I would love to see especially the meme contests. We are actively running X post/explainers for OTD for those that joined our Doge Attack army on Telegram. It would be great to also have some active bounties as well though to help boost all of our social platforms.

As far as Zealy goes, we didn’t get a whole lot of quality traction on this platform when we were using it including people attempting to bot. Due to this outcome, we decided not to continue with our paid subscription, however, we may still add a few quests occasionally to trickle in some more engagement. I will say that we are going to look into implementing other potential bounty platforms for Q3 (