Doge Pixel Portal V3 on Base

You asked, we answered. The Doge Pixel Portal V3 is in the works. We will bridge it over to Base in order to serve the community with more dogely fun.

You wanted:

  • lower gas costs to mint and burn pixels
  • removal of the 1% burn fee
  • MOAR pixel fun and perks

The plan to move to an L2 was years in the making and the decision to choose Base seems like a natural fit as we have already laid important groundwork there accruing over 600k $DOG holders and establishing important relationships within the ecosystem.

We are currently updating the Pixel Portal with some new bells and whistles.

Existing pixel holders will remain fully applicable for pixel perks, and your pixels will always be “liquid” with the ability to burn for 55240 $DOG

Timeline: 6 weeks

Please share any questions or comments below.


love to see it, congrats!!


This was always your plan, we miss you


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Love this idea, all for it.


Love this idea and fully support the initiative. Jesse at BASE has been such a strong supporter and ally to OTD; this makes perfect sense organically. +1

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power to the pixels

excited to see minting pixels and future pixel fun be near free to do (with lower gas)

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Yes! I’m stoked.


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I think 1% burn fee should stay. With low Base fees, you can burn and re-mint for the “rare” ones basically for free. This 1% at least gives something back.

super pumped, can’t go wrong with lower gas costs thats for sure :dog:

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LFG for the $DOG :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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