OTD + DAGT round 2


  1. DAGT fam (DJ Doge, Whitney and The Don) run a fun Twitter Spaces for DogeFam every Friday at 6PM PST. It is a safe place for people to show their talent, vibe with frens and enjoy the wholesome vibes of Doge apart from crypto. They have been doing the same for a period exceeding 100 weeks and for the last 8 weeks ownthedoge has provided them with an average of 2 Pixels every week to distribute as prizes to the winners. We’ve have been doing a decent job in onboarding new people to the $DOG ecosystem and have would love to continue and grow the fun!

  2. Proposed use of the Pixel grant:
    3/7 of the Pixels will be given to the hosts. They will have a minimum of 2 Pixel giveaways per week. The 6th+7th floating will be used to cover tx and gas costs as we also send $ETH along with $dog for a seamless minting process to the winners.

  3. Experience and Statistics:
    I was was a radio DJ in my first career. Currently in e-commerce and marketing management, digital advertising/ppc marketing, e-commerce set up and maintenance. I meme!:rofl:

  4. The space in its 5-hour span averages about 200 people strolling through to listen, 20-30 speakers and on average 15 performers. Around 25% of the winners have been new to Cryptocurrency and NFT space to whom the team profoundly explains the need for collaborative educational Twitter spaces with OTD. None of the Pixel winners have yet burned them/swapped out $DOG in the last 8 week promotional run, giving a 100% retention rate.

$DOG equivalent to 14 Pixels will be sent to DJ Doge bi-weekly for a continued period of 8-weeks after which the progress will be checked and the contract renewed if successful.

Other Thoughts:
(CopyPasta DogeKing) “Some of the most active Dogens have been onboarded onto our community through DAGT team, the hosts and co-hosts being one of them as well. The relationship with them has now been long-standing and rewarding.”