Doge Pixel art of TreeOfAlpha profile picture


Make a $DOG pixel art of TreeOfAlpha profile picture

TreeOfAlpha is a really well known/respected trader in crypto Twitter, he’s also a nice meme connoisseur and enjoy the Doge meme. The idea would be to make a pixel art of his profile picture with $DOG pixels. It can be a nice present for him as a Doge enjoyer, it will probably get a good exposure, bring more Doge lovers and could maybe done for other big Doge enjoyers ( X logo with DOG pixel ?! )

It could be done with a 20 pixels by 20 pixels grid (see above)

KPIs would be : tweets from ToA (or Elon if we go with the X logo), new members in the community and increase in new $DOG pixel mints

Meet the Team

Hi Doge frens, I’m Jojo. Meme enjoyer since 2008 and crypto enthusiast since 2016, I’ve started to build in the crypto space since 2021 by launching an investment DAO (as I really like the DAO concept) and recently joined the museum of Modern Borpa community council to build the museum of memes.

I’ve met Doge through the OG memes back in the days, through Dogecoin in 2016 (my 2nd crypto I ever bought after BTC) and recently through the museum of memes that we are trying to build. For me, Doge embodies happiness, meme culture and good memories of making memes. It’s a symbol of internet that helped to connect lots of people.


Plan would be to get the correct (or close enough) Pixel colors to make the 20 by 20 grid. It should take 1-2 days to finish that, then we need a way to make an NFT version that contains all the pixels


Expenses would be to buy 400 pixels + gas fees to create a new NFT holding all the pixels

Is there a revenue element to this proposal? No


Approximately how long will this take from start to finish?

3-4 days maximum

Contact Info

Discord : Jojobhdao
Tg: JojoDao
Twitter : JuliusJo888

Other / References
Pixel It - Create pixel art from an image turns image to pixel art ToA twitter account


I think this is very cool, could we start smaller (I believe current cost would be around 20k USD to mint 400 Pixels?) maybe we could offer current holders to participate in the NFT with their Pixel?

I believe we could do it smaller, I am not good enough with pixel art but I’m sure we could do it with less pixels

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welcome to the doge dao, @Jojo!

easier way to do this w/o any cost beyond time - make the pixel art here: Doge Pixel Portal

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I’ll try to make something nice with it !


This sounds fun. Only concern is that the cost is high and the ROI is not definitive. How sure are we about getting a ToA RT/ Borkout?

I think something like this could be community sourced. We can create Pixel Art on Doge Pixel Portal

without necessarily owning a Pixel. We can definitely attach a few Pixels with the art [probably the shades used in the design which shall not imo be too much?].

Hi Jojo! Great initiative, a have a few concern points regarding the proposal as a DIC member:

Main concerns

  1. Is it a guarantee he will rep us as an ambassador?
  2. For a follow-up proposal, it would be kick-ass to keep a revenue model within the plan to make sure it is high impact for the brand, and Own the Doge.
  3. Budget to impact is hard to measure here and is pretty steep at 20k ~ usd.
  4. What are the risks of him just dumping the tokens on the market?

I encourage for the community, to make a OTD inspired honorary pixel piece for him perhaps to be minted and airdropped to him at a relative low-cost alternative.


Gm @Elliothereum !

I totally agree with your concerns that’s why I’ve been trying to reach out to ToA

In my opinion if he doesn’t rep on the gift I don’t think it’s a good idea

For the revenue model I wasn’t sure about it so I left it out but in the revised version of the proposal I will try to include it

I agree with you it’s a lot, I’m trying to get a good pixel art with the least amount of pixels

Would need to talk with him about it !

I think this could be a low cost proposal, and a way to enliven our community. Might just need some coding, but hopefully not too complex re blockchain stuff.

Echoing the ideas above, we could ask our Pixel Holders to band together and supply their Pixels to make this TreeofAlpha image.

-Get a Pixel image designed which uses colours from the Doge meme only.
-Then we can identify which Pixels from the og meme could fit for each pixel of the new image.
-And by we, I mean a web interface, which says “this spot needs to be filled by Doge Pixels 345,230; 190,688; 372,444 etc”
-You connect your wallet, your pixels get read, if there’s a match, you can sign something that “commits” your pixel. All it does it claim the spot so no one else can fill it.
-How long until all the spots get filled? Do we have to call out individual Pixel Holders on Twitter to complete the picture? Do people start minting and re-rolling to fill a spot? I think it could become a game.
-Once complete, mint the image as an NFT, you can have every Pixel holder’s Pixel coordinates in the metadata. And if there turns out to be enough interest and support fro TreeofAlpha maybe, it could be an OE, and the ppl who supplied their Pixels get some free mints.

Kinda feels like it’s defs a collab with TreeOfAlpha kind of thing. Just gotta pay someone to build the website and smart contracts.

Update :

Just got a response from ToA so he would not be interested about the Idea

I’ll try to see if there is any other ambassador fitting for OTD

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ty for the update! i think you should just create something for relevant influencers and then post on twitter and tag them

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