Ideas We'd Like To See

Below are some Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that we are looking for a dogely community to run with funding from the Bark Tank…

Don’t have an idea yet? Take one of ours! Here’s a list of top ideas we’d like to see in the Own The Doge (DOG) ecosystem:

Be the Doge Idea You’d Like to See in the World…

Dope Doge Merch — think things like Wet Dog Cologne, meme-y toys and wearables, or custom swag based on the Doge Pixels you own.

Doge as Art — literally anything. Get Doge into galleries and museums. Find famous social media artists and have them make Doge of whatever unique art they do. Street art. Stickers. Funny protest signs. You name it.

“Rare Doges” NFT collections — we want to see digital artists adopt Doge just like Pepe. Think RarePepes, Notable Pepes, and Punk6529 Memecards. If interested, ping Tridog for a project brief on this.

Doge Pixel PFPs — integrate a PFP mintoor into

Doge Nouns — fork Nouns into a Doge derivative that drives fun art and recurring revenue for the Own The Doge treasury supporting our dogely work for generations

Doge for President — write her in on your ballot!

Gamify Doge — make Doge games. Add Doge as a character in games, metaverses and virtual worlds. Ask Fortnite to add Doge characters or swag. Endless possibilities.

Doge Memes — from Tiktok videos to gifs and sticker packs. Own The Doge wants MOAR project-specific MEMES!

Collabs and Connections — introduce us to people that can help the project. Funny celebrities, musicians, or comedians. Brands willing to partner (Doge Gucci sweater anyone?). Podcasters looking for guests. Twitter Spaces hosts. Frens. Westminster Dog Show. Get Ryan Cohen to own the Doge for heaven’s sake.

Doge in the Guiness Book of Records — or Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Most expensive meme ever sold. First couch sold on blockchain. Most famous dog in the word. Com’n guys! We got more where that came from.

BIG DOGE — make the largest Doge art piece. A crop circle. A parade float. Projection art. Macy’s Day Parade balloon. Rename a stadium or championship game the “Dog Bowl.” Airplane banner. Fireworks. Drones.

DOG Food — for humans (hot dog brand?) or dogs (kibble w/ Yung Gravy topping?).

Doge as X — Doge as (or on) any possible product. Think Kabosu ‘Only Fans’ or DogeGPT or forking any tech or crypto product.

Doge star on Hollywood Boulevard

Register ‘National Doge Day’

Even the small things are fun to us, press articles, podcast intros, Cameos, bumper stickers, adopting a highway, billboards, snowmen, snow-women, growth hacking, education, ‘have you seen this dog’ posters, bounties on Layer3/Galxe/Crew3/Prop House, and beyond.

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