PleasrHouse Episode 02 Attendance and OE Minting Bounty via Layer3


I’m working with Layer3 to set up a bounty through their platform that will incentivize 1000 new users to attend PleasrHouse Episode 2, collect a POAP and mint the Open Edition NFT. (Pixel Holders will be entitled to a free mint!).

This will cost 2,000 $USDC (to Layer3 - 1,000 users x $2 per user). I’m asking the DAOge to incur this expense.

Proposed use of $DOG grant

We will need to convert $DOG to USDC to pay Layer3 (they only take stables). As of today (2/3/23) $2k USDC would roughly be equivalent of ~2M $DOG.To use Layer3’s platform, they charge $2 per successful user claim. This explains the USDC ask.

Layer3 also mitigates botting by ensuring unique users through Twitter & Discord verification.


Layer3 has 5-7k daily active users who take 30,000 on-chain actions through their platform. Our two previous bounties were extremely successful the first maxing out at 500/500 participants and the second sitting at 919/1000. This bounty will be advantageous to us because the only aspect of PleasrHouse that we directly profit from is the OE mint and subsequent secondary sales.


Layer3 can launch this bounty ASAP. It’ll stay open and active until all 1000 users are recorded. It’ll be contingent on when the DIC approves the proposal and when the $DOG is converted to USDC and sent to Layer3. I implore everyone to vote as soon as possible so that we can either proceed or move on dependent on the results.

Other thoughts

We’ve used Layer3 for past bounties and have a great relationship with the core team. This bounty will benefit Own the Doge as well as PleasrDAO and I have discussed with Pleasr’s marketing lead the possibility of Pleasr paying us back for half once they see the stellar results of the quest, and I think that this is a real possibility.

Furthermore each successful OE mint attained through this quest will net us .00069 or $1.15 USD, If we do receive 1000 mints that would be $1150; If Pleasr is impressed and they agree to pay half that will be another $1000 totaling $2150. In this scenario our quest would morph into a free marketing campaign!


All for it, especially if they’re able to track attendance during the pleasr house event to mint. Should be easy since connecting wallets is the whole point of interacting in real-time. LFÐ

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dig L3 for OTD - next proposal maybe we can lay out budget for 3 months at a time?

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