Ops & Bounty Grant

Upon the suggestion of both DK and Zona I am submitting a proposal to fund a small Ops & Bounty wallet that I manage, funded primarily with $DOG contingent on DIC approval to allow me to pay for small community bounties such as graphic design, light video work and merch samples efficiently without having to pay out of pocket and submit to Utopia each time.

This wallet would be fully transparent and used exclusively for Own the Doge activations.

Updated ask as recommended by Tridog I am asking for a grant of .1 ETH, $750 in DOG and 5 Pixels (as some creators are willing to be paid in Pixels) in funding monthly, for a period of 90 days.

Examples of things I have recently sourced from community creators include a Bad Luck Brian vest for Kabosu, graphics for our 3D couch mint, Ticket Design for the Doge Pilgrimage, video edit of a PleasrHouse Q&A segment + Sizzler of EP.2 (WIP) & hand crafted Doge Pixel Pillows (WIP)


I have extensive experience in sourcing products and talent from my time spent building Amazon FBA based ecommerce companies, running a medical & tattoo supply distribution center and working for multiple NFT projects.


If the proposal passes I will be able to pay creators who are owed for work rendered as well as source new low cost project needs.

Ultimately there are multiple avenues that I have been pursuing to streamline bounties such as Nouns Prop House with a launch date of Monday 3/20, but in the interim and for activations that require quick turnover time such as testing vendors and creators & purchasing samples, this grant will be very helpful.

Other Thoughts

If we find that a complete system is in place in a few months to solve all needs I will have no reason to request an additional grant, but at this time, a small ops grant would be helpful for me.


Big fan of this proposal, need ops budget to move faster and also make it easier to support community members. Smoke is trustworthy and the risk is low. It would be more expensive in time wasted to continue with current process.


I trust Smoke and she’s a killer executor (i.e. she gets shit done). I think we could even increase the DOG bag a lil.


Love it.

I think this type of community pod grant will start to become more standard as Own The Doge decentralizes further.

The ask is super reasonable. Seems like great risk-reward to test out this system before it expands to other pods.


i’m a smoke maxi. full support of this trial (as we explore future pod budgets). as DIC has been discussing, i think adding metrics/benchmarks to hit and providing a solid retro is going to help us know if this was a success or not for future asks.


Thanks cold, this wont be community pod per se, as a majority of the asks are marketing based, but I think it will be a great small scale budget test run

I’m in agreement with all past comments, I also see this as Coldplunge mentions as one step towards our budding pod structure and decentralization. It’s a perfect trial with low risk and potentially high reward. It allows for quick flexible moves in a structure which we will have to get used to, giving out smaller budgets to pod leads expecting transparency and results. Looking forward to seeing the outcome from this trial!


This is a great proposal. I and imo the entire community/ barketing pod feels the requirement for it. There often arise small needs which are required to turn fast and this will be a great assistance.

Smoke is trustworthy and we can 100% rely on her. The ask is low and very reasonable. You got my vote.


Agree with all the above. I support Smoke, and think it’s imperative that they have speedy access to funds for the work they do to support the DAOge. Would support if the ask was higher too.