Own The Doge Charity Giveback to Aeta Agta People

tldr; A Own The Doge charity Giveback theme " We CARE , We HELP , We BUILD"


Last November 7,2022 over 5 months from now; Me (bossj.eth) and My Filipino’s Charity Team we did executed our first very own a Charity funded by Nouns Dao Giveback theme named “We CARE, We HELP, We BUILD” to help The Aeta Agta, or Dumagat people.

For more information about them; this are collective terms for several Filipino indigenous peoples who live in various parts of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. We Choose to help them because we see their living status so bad , they are living in a Traditional Economy way they get their food in survival method like hunting and living in a made of bamboo , conon grass . They are also nomadic in nature they do not reside in a permanent location rather, they tend to keep on moving.

We Fed the Aeta, Agta, Dumagat Filipino communities drinks , pasta + bread in containers with Nouns stickers and gave children coloring books, school supplies and clothes that help over (80+ children & including their parents benefitted)

Grant Requested: 3,200$ USD in $DOG

Proof of Past Retro-Work Charity Activities:


*Goal & Benefits

Massively action to Provide support to marginalized communities in the Philippines, starting with the Aeta Agta or Dumagat indigenous peoples living in poor conditions .

This Charity proposal directly benefits the Own The Doge (OTD) community by promoting social responsibility and demonstrating the potential of cryptocurrency for social impact. By providing support to marginalized communities in the Philippines, specifically the Aeta Agta or Dumagat indigenous peoples, the project aligns with the values of giving back and community building that are at the core of the OTD community.

Additionally, this project has the potential to showcase the utility and growth potential of OTD as a means to support charitable causes and make a positive impact in the world. By expanding the scope of the project to include other marginalized groups, the project can contribute to long-term sustainability and growth for both the communities and the OTD community. Supporting this proposal would demonstrate a commitment to using cryptocurrency for good and promoting positive change in the world.


This proposal would involve continued charity work to help more Aeta people and expand the scope to include other marginalized groups such as street vendors, street dwellers, and PWDs (Persons with Disabilities).

This can be achieved by leveraging the support of the Own The Doge (OTD) community and using the platform to raise funds for charitable causes. The project can also involve partnering with local organizations and NGOs to ensure the sustainability and impact of the charity work. It is important to have a long-term perspective and focus on building relationships with the communities to ensure that the charity work is culturally appropriate and aligned with their needs. Overall, the roadmap should prioritize transparency, accountability, and community engagement to ensure the success of the project and make a positive impact in the lives of the marginalized communities.

Budget Breakdown:

$3.2K USD in $DOG will be allocated to provide support to the Aeta Agta people, specifically for the following items:

  • Food supplies - 900$ USD (branding with OTD Stickers)

  • The Aeta Agta people rely on hunting and foraging for their food, but we can supplement their diet with additional food supplies such as rice, canned goods, and other non-perishable food items.

  • Shelter materials - 900$ USD (branding with mural art OTD)

  • The Aeta Agta people often live in makeshift shelters made of bamboo and cogon grass. We can provide them with materials to build sturdier shelters that can withstand the elements.

  • Clothing and basic necessities - 600$ USD (cc0 OTD Merchs designed with QR code)

  • Many Aeta Agta people live in poverty and lack access to basic necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, and medicines. We can provide these items to improve their quality of life.

  • Educational materials - 400$ USD (including cc0 OTD coloring books)

! More samples will be posted when executed !

  • Education is crucial in improving the lives of marginalized communities. We can provide educational materials such as coloring books, pens, and paper to help the Aeta Agta people learn and develop skills.

  • Transportation and logistics - 400$ USD

  • To ensure that the aid reaches the Aeta Agta people, we may need to hire vehicles or pay for transportation costs.

Revenue Element:

This proposal does not include a revenue element. However, by providing support to marginalized communities, we can help build a stronger and more equitable society, which can lead to economic growth and prosperity for all.

Legal considerations:

We should ensure that all activities are legal and ethical, and that we comply with local laws and regulations.

Developer build time/needs:

This proposal does not require developer build time/needs.


Me Bossjcrypto.eth

Pinoy Nouns Founder
IRL Proliferator
Writer Proposer
Dual Ball Athelete & Skateboard Athelete
Meme Creator
Charity Community Manager

Twitter handle: bossj_eth
Discord: bossj.eth#0939
Pinoy Nouns : PinoyNouns


[Boss J Crypto (@bossjcrypto.eth) | TikTok]

Past Nounish Work:
IRL Lil Nouns Ads Waiting Shed (Bus Stop) Prop #106
NSFW Winning Retro Proposal Nouns Dao Giveback to Aeta Agta People (FIP) ⌐◨-◨
TNS #NounsGiveBack Winning Entry
IRL Open Category Art Contest & DIY Community Art in our College School

With My College Criminology & I.T Classmates and Friends Filipino Charity Team (they are all basically anon)

Timeline & Deliverables:

Week 1 Phase 1: Research and Planning

→ Research on the Aeta Agta and Dumagat communities to better understand their needs and living conditions
→ Develop a detailed plan on how to provide support to these communities
→ Set specific goals and targets for the project

Week 2 Phase 2: Fundraising & Promoting Campaign

→ Launch fundraising campaign on all social media platforms
→ Reach out to potential donors and sponsors to support the cause

Week 3 Phase 3: Implementation & Execution

→ Purchase necessary materials and equipment
→ Distribute basic needs such as food, clothing, and hygiene kits to the Aeta Agta and Dumagat communities
→ Provide training and livelihood programs to help the communities become self-sufficient

Week 4 Phase 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

→ Monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the project
→ Make necessary adjustments to ensure the project’s success

A timeline of 1 month for the completion of all phases, with regular deliveries along the way, could help to ensure that the this charity event stays on track and is completed on time.

Thank OTD fam for reading my proposal, Looking forward to seeing this public good charity acitivities come to make possible again. If y’all have any questions or feedback, please send me a message. So that we can discuss what would be best for this proposal. !Arf


Great work Boss love these pictures and I do think this is a worthy cause; I’m interested in seeing others feedback and as I’ve mentioned to you before I love your drive!

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This is an amazing proposal!! Very well laid out. I am bullish on the cause and the team as well.

I am not sure if this will be a branding opportunity as most of the people we are aiding would not know about crypto and NFTs. However, from a pure marketing perspective, we can create a high quality video of this drive to proliferate on socials and plug into relevant places for brand hype. Just a thought but important to also know how we can get the word out about this in the best possible way.

This can be a purely philanthropic drive as well but with the current markets, can be hard to sell. Personally, I would love to see this come true💛


thankyousomuch for the love comment, yes i agree that if this proposal will be approve behalf of my team we will gonna be creating a high quality video to edit out and make as a documentary on this huge proliferating marketing to post on many social medias :slight_smile: i highly appreciated your kind words mate! arf!

i’d be curious how we can operationalize another donation fund idea where we can auto direct funds via community vote every month

think like $4200/mo donated via vote and you could suggest this cause

then our impact can be much bigger

and i like notty’s idea to make a 30s video to recap the work and share with the DOG community and socials

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GM @tridog

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions on operationalizing another donation fund idea and incorporating community voting and video recaps. I appreciate your enthusiasm for maximizing our impact. Here’s a response addressing your feedback:

  1. Auto-Directing Funds via Community Vote: I agree that implementing a system where funds are auto-directed through community voting every month can be a powerful way to engage our community and ensure their active participation in decision-making. This approach empowers community members to have a direct say in the allocation of funds, which increases transparency and strengthens community bonds. By suggesting causes for consideration and allowing the community to vote on them, we can collectively prioritize and support impactful initiatives.

  2. Increasing Monthly Donations: Your suggestion of aiming for a monthly donation target of $4200 through community voting is commendable. By encouraging more community members to participate and vote, was hoping if we can generate greater funds for charitable endeavors. To achieve this, i believe if we can promote awareness of the voting process and encourage active involvement across various channels, such as community forums, social media platforms, and newsletters. Engaging the community in discussions and highlighting the impact of their donations can inspire increased participation and donations.

  3. Video Recaps for Community Engagement: I fully support and agree with Notty’s idea of creating short 30-second recap videos to share the progress and achievements of our charity work with the DOG community and social media platforms. These videos provide a visual and engaging way to showcase the impact of our collective efforts. We can highlight the causes we have supported, the positive changes made, and the individuals or communities who have benefited. Sharing these videos regularly will foster a sense of pride and connection within the DOG community while also attracting more attention and support from external audiences.

By operationalizing the donation fund through community voting and utilizing video recaps, we can harness the collective power of our community and amplify our impact. I appreciate your dedication to making a difference and your valuable contributions to these initiatives. Let’s work together to further develop and implement these ideas, creating a stronger and more effective charitable ecosystem within Own The Doge.

But i have a question How is the process to open this cause for our community to, because as of now in behalf of my charity OTD filipino community team. We are very ready to Execute. I was hoping if you could help us to discuss this with the team comittee to start this off. Thankyou & Godbless!

Henlo! Just got created banner :dog:

Hey BossJ,

I like the idea of this proposal of course. You argue that “this project has the potential to showcase the utility and growth potential of OTD as a means to support charitable causes and make a positive impact in the world.”

We actually do that all the time. We’ve given millions to charity, and continue to do so. We love to do good.

The trouble is, we do need to think about our longevity and protecting our treasury. We could fund every charitable project and run out of funds very fast. So we need to assess the benefits for an arrangement like this.

I think Tridog is talking about us implementing a bigger picture concept, where we do a charity payment each month by default. And your project could be one of them.

In the meantime though, regarding your proposal.

I don’t feel like it’s an opportunity to get more $DOG holders from the people we’re helping. I see this benefiting us by giving us marketing collateral in the form of the video you are talking about making. I also think those Doge colouring books could be cute for us to giveaway to our community. But are those benefits worth the outlay? We know the project does good for people in need. But does it tick enough other boxes?

I’m also concerned that there’s nothing in the budget to pay for your time. In that regard, it doesn’t seem like a realistic budget to me.

Keen to see how the conversation progresses.

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Thank you for your feedback on my proposal @SaladPingers. I appreciate your perspective and concerns regarding the project’s alignment with our goals and the potential impact on our funds. Allow me to address each point you raised.

Firstly, I acknowledge that our company already contributes significantly to charitable causes, and I am aware of the positive impact we have made in the past. My proposal aims to leverage the power of OTD to further support charitable causes and demonstrate the growth potential of this approach. By showcasing the utility and impact of OTD, we can attract more $DOG holders who are aligned with our mission, ultimately benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Regarding the longevity of our funds, I understand the need for prudent financial management. Tridog’s suggestion of implementing a monthly default charity payment aligns with our long-term vision. This project could be one of the charitable initiatives we support regularly. It offers us an opportunity to give back while also gaining marketing collateral, such as the video I mentioned, and the Doge coloring books that could be great giveaways for our community.

However, I understand your concerns about the overall benefits and whether they justify the financial outlay. I am confident that this project ticks multiple boxes beyond just marketing collateral. It has the potential to enhance our brand reputation, create positive media coverage, and foster goodwill among our target audience. These intangible benefits can contribute to the growth and long-term sustainability of our organization.

As for the budget, I apologize for not including a specific allocation for my time. I should have made it clearer that my time would be included as part of the project budget. I believe the project is realistic within a revised budget that considers all necessary expenses, including compensation for my involvement.

I look forward to continuing the conversation and addressing any further concerns you may have. Together, I believe we can make this project a success, both in terms of our charitable impact and the strategic benefits it offers.

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