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DogeArmy Dogetag Fundraiser

I’m Rito Rhymes (doxed as: Matthew Pellerito, but please just call me Rito, or Mr. Rhymes), I own a company Wear Ya Wallet with a sub-brand called DogeyDoge where we produce a variety of customizable Dogetags with utility. They’re a really cool fun way to celebrate Doge & rep it publicly! They’re shiny and golden (or rose gold and silver), with 6 different Doge-themed emblems like the classic WOW meme, the Dogecoin D and a signature Doge on a rocket emblem in full color or without (see pics below)… plus for utility you can have a scannable QR code engraved on the back containing whatever you want including your crypto wallet address to receive crypto in person (works for any blockchain or wallet type) or set it to your social media, phone number, email, whatever you want! And you can engrave text right above the QR!

However, despite the Doge dopeness, the Doge market just doesn’t seem right for it right now because despite its utility, it’s more of a luxury item and buying a luxury item seems far off from the current sentiment in the Dogecoin community. DogeyDoge doesn’t have enough sales since launch at the start of this year to keep itself viable so the brand will die unless I can pivot it in some way. While I plan on releasing variations of the product for other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin for profit under different brands, I have in mind giving DogeyDoge a new purpose as a fun, charitable vehicle (essentially the non-profit arm of Wear Ya Wallet).

Proposal & Opportunity:
I’d like DogeyDoge to partner with OwnTheDoge in a campaign to raise money for a charity or non-profit by selling Dogetags and donating the profits to it while also communicating the charity/nonprofit’s cause and message so to bring awareness to it. My hope is that if there is little motivation to buy the Dogetag as a luxury item serving mostly vanity, then they might at least serve as a fun and trendy incentive to support a good cause. Given the products are dog tags and there are a lot of “doge army” folks out there, I think having the campaign messaging directed towards doge army would make a lot of sense for an engagement strategy, i.e Dogey Army fighting for a cause by purchasing Dogetags and rallying to raise awareness around it.

General logistics:
When produced in bulk the price can be withered down pretty low making it affordable to sell while still having enough profits to make a sizeable total donation. DogeyDoge can’t afford to give Dogetags away for “free” but it can be arranged such that the minimum cost to produce and ship them is handled with the revenue while the profits remaining would be donated. We can absolutely arrange for officers in OwnTheDoge to have access to audit and/or participate in directly overseeing the backend and logistics of DogeyDoge for the campaign to ensure transparency and that all costs and funds are accounted for in full and handled with integrity. It would be “nice” if DogeyDoge did receive a small cut of profits 5-10% as I spent a great deal of time and investment on this brand and was hoping to make a living with it, but at the risk of adding too much “friction” of including a for-profit element it’s probably not be a good idea to do that even though it would be supporting a small Doge business. And people don’t need to receive a Dogetag if they don’t want one, we can set things up such that they can contribute donations directly to the charity/non-profit and have that count towards the campaign’s total contributions.

I don’t believe hosting and managing such a campaign would really cost much at all (I haven’t run a charitable campaign before so I don’t know for sure), I think a volunteer and grassroots effort to create some content to share and engage on social media could be sufficient to bring this to life!

If the campaign is successful by engaging lots folks and raising a good amount of money for an impactful donation then DogeyDoge could survive in the future and stand as a platform for fundraising for charities and nonprofits through the campaigned sale of custom Dogetags, perhaps having a different / new customization for each fundraiser or having a common engraving on the back according to the theme. DogeyDoge’s website is also set up to accept crypto payments include Dogecoin, so we could potentially and perhaps preferentially accept and drop large donations in crypto. Plus wouldn’t it be cool to have all sorts of people now walking around wearing the much WOW image as a necklace or keychain?!? News about the fundraiser if successful would also paint a unique picture publicly for how the Doge world comes together to rally and show their support; giving selflessly and getting a fun celebratory Doge artifact in return.

Possible Charity:
One of the charities I had in mind is Bestfriends, they’re an organization dedicated to eliminating kill shelters for dogs and cats and helping animals in need find a new home. They also accept cryptocurrency donations; Other charities / nonprofits could be great as well, I open the floor to any suggestions.

Here’s my website:

And here are some pics of the Dogetags (if they appear in this box).

What does everyone think?

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These are cool and definitely down to share with our community, unfortunately we are not planning to collaborate on additional merch projects at the moment as we have a few in the pipeline, will keep on file though!

Could we brainstorm a means to possibly collaborate / integrate with the upcoming plans? Otherwise keeping this on file is not going to be an option as I’m not going to be able to keep it up and running for the future if something doesn’t give with it soon

Rito Rhymes, M.S.
Infotaining Rapper & Tech Designer