Draft Proposal for Doge To The Rescue

Doge To The Rescue: Empowering Animal Welfare through Web3 Technology

We present Doge To The Rescue, an ambitious initiative aimed at revolutionizing animal welfare using the power of web3 technology. Our proposal seeks funding from the Own The Doge (OTD) community to support the development and launch of this project. We envision creating a platform that enables transparent and efficient contributions to animal rescues and shelters worldwide.

Grant Requested:
We kindly request a grant of [$15,000] from the OTD community to fund the implementation and sustainability of the Doge To The Rescue project.

Doge To The Rescue will focus on:

  • Establishing a user-friendly web platform that integrates web3 functionality for direct donations to verified animal rescues and shelters.
  • Providing onboarding assistance to shelters and rescues, facilitating their integration of web3 technology and secure management of donation wallets.
  • Curating a comprehensive list of authenticated facilities to ensure contributors can confidently support organizations dedicated to animal welfare.
  • Fostering an engaged community of animal lovers, encouraging volunteering, fostering, and adoption efforts to make a lasting impact on animal lives.
  • Promoting the benefits of web3 technology within the animal welfare community, highlighting transparency, traceability, and efficiency.

Benefits to the OTD Community:
This proposal directly benefits the OTD community by:

  • Increasing utility: Doge To The Rescue provides an additional purpose for the use of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies, enhancing their utility within the OTD ecosystem.
  • Potential revenue growth: The project's success may generate revenue streams, which can contribute to the Own The Doge community treasury and support future initiatives.
  • Community growth: By attracting animal lovers and crypto enthusiasts, Doge To The Rescue can expand the OTD community, fostering a larger and more engaged user base.

Elevator Pitch:
Supporting Doge To The Rescue means funding a project that will revolutionize animal rescue using web3 technology. Together, we can create a platform that allows transparent and efficient contributions to verified animal rescues and shelters. By leveraging the power of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies, we can make a real impact in the lives of animals in need. Join us in this exciting journey and let’s empower animal welfare like never before.

Launch Budget Breakdown:
Total Requested Funding: $15,000

  1. Development and Deployment of Web Platform: $5,000
  •     Web development and design: $3,000
  •     Integration of web3 functionality: $1,000
  •     User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) enhancements: $1,000
  1. Marketing and Outreach Efforts: $3,000
  •     Social media campaigns: $1,000
  •     Influencer partnerships: $1,000
  •     Content creation (blog posts, graphics, videos): $1,000
  1. Onboarding Assistance and Technical Support: $2,000
  •     Creation of educational materials and resources: $500
  •     Technical support for shelters and rescues: $1,000
  •     Training sessions and workshops: $500
  1. Community Management and Engagement: $2,000
  •     Community moderation and support: $1,000
  •     Organizing virtual events and campaigns: $500
  •     Rewards and incentives for active community members: $500
  1. Contingency Funds: $3,000
  •     Reserve for unforeseen expenses or adjustments: $3,000

Revenue Element:
While the primary focus is on facilitating donations, Doge To The Rescue may explore revenue-generating avenues such as partnerships, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Any revenue generated will contribute to both the Rescue project and the Own The Doge community treasury.

Legal Considerations:
Establishing Doge To The Rescue as a 501c3 charity would be a priority to ensure a legal standing for the project. We will ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations regarding charitable giving, financial transactions, and data protection.

Developer Build Time/Needs:
The project requires developer build time to develop and deploy the web platform, integrate web3 functionality, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Payment Terms:
We can receive the grant in installments, aligning the payments with the project’s milestones and progress.

Meet the Team:
This project is currently comprised of myself as the lead organizer (Luda), along with a few other members of the Dogecoin community.

(Other members info available upon request.)

We are actively seeking additional team members


Phase 1: Planning and Preparation (2 weeks)

Week 1: Define project objectives, finalize feature requirements, and gather necessary resources.
Week 2: Develop a detailed project plan, establish team roles and responsibilities, and set up communication channels.

Phase 2: Web Development and Integration (4 weeks)

Week 3: Begin web development, create a responsive and user-friendly platform.
Week 4: Implement web3 functionality for accepting token transfers and ensuring transparency in transactions.

Phase 3: Marketing and Outreach (3 weeks)

Week 5: Develop a marketing strategy, create engaging content, and establish social media presence.
Week 6: Launch social media campaigns, collaborate with influencers, and spread awareness about the project.
Week 7: Engage with the community, provide updates, and encourage user participation.

Phase 4: Onboarding and Support (2 weeks)

Week 8: Create educational materials and resources for shelters and rescues.
Week 9: Conduct onboarding sessions, provide technical support, and assist shelters in setting up their donation wallets.

Phase 5: Community Management and Growth (Ongoing)

Weeks 10+: Continuously manage and engage with the community, organize virtual events, and foster collaboration among members.

Checks and Balances:
To ensure consistent progress and optimal utilization of the grant, we propose implementing a DAO to manage the treasury for the project. I am currently considering [Nouns Builder]


Glad you put this up here! I love the idea and I’m sure others will ask more specific details, but mainly I just want to pitch myself bc I’d love to be a part of this in marketing/communications :wink:

Also don’t forget to include doge-ifying the van as a shaggin’ waggin’ :rofl:


just to be clear - our treasury token is $DOG not $DOGE

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Hey friend, this is a cool proposal I am interested in hearing more; I think I just received contact info for you via twitter so I will be reaching out <3

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