"Revolutionizing Community, One Highway at a Time – Own The Doge’s Adopt-a-Highway and Name It Doge Initiative"

Proposal Summary:

Henlo! My beloved Own The Doge Community,

It’s me BossJ I am excited to propose a community initiative that not only reflects our love for $DOG & Doge memes but also allows us to leave a lasting positive impact on the world around us. The “Adopt-a-Highway and Name It Doge” that pitch program proposal idea of our active DIC Member/Admin/MOD @Tridog this project aims to bring together the Own The Doge community in a shared effort to contribute to the cleanliness of our local environment while promoting our beloved $DOG coin.


Adoption Process:

  1. Adoption Process:
  • Identify a suitable stretch of highway with high visibility for adoption.
  • Research and comply with local regulations for highway adoption.
  • Establish communication with relevant authorities to express our interest.
  1. Cleanup and Maintenance:
  • Develop a schedule for regular cleanup activities to maintain the adopted highway.
  • Organize community cleanup events to engage members and create a sense of shared responsibility.
  1. Official Naming:
  • Work with local authorities to officially name the adopted highway after Dogecoin.
  • Install signage along the highway acknowledging the Tridog community’s contribution.
  1. Promotion and Branding:
  • Leverage the official naming as a unique branding opportunity for Dogecoin.
  • Promote the initiative through social media, showcasing our commitment to community service.


Adoption Fees:

  • Research Application Fees
  • Adoption License: $1000 in $DOG


  • Custom Doge Coin Highway Signage: $2,500 in $DOG
  • Installation: $1,000 in $DOG

Cleanup Materials:

  • Trash Bags: $100 in $DOG
  • Safety Vests: $200 in $DOG
  • Gloves: $150 in $DOG
  • Grabbers and Cleanup Tools: $300 in $DOG

Promotion and Outreach:

  • Community Event Workers: $300 in $DOG
  • Social Media Marketing (Tiktok Account) & OTD Tshirts to be given away on the Passbyers: $700 in $DOG

Total Estimated Budget: $6,250 in $DOG


Week 1-2: Research and identify a suitable highway for adoption.
Week 3-4: Contact local authorities to understand the adoption process and potential costs.
Week 5-8: Develop a detailed budget and fundraising plan.
Week 9-12: Launch community fundraising efforts and engage members in the initiative.
Week 13-16: Submit adoption application and finalize cleanup schedule.
Week 17-20: Begin community cleanup events and social media promotion.
Week 21-24: Work with authorities to finalize the official naming and install signage.


  1. Positive Brand Exposure:
  • Increase visibility for $DOG coin through the official naming of the adopted highway.
  • Positive media coverage highlighting the Own The Doge community commitment to social responsibility.
  1. Community Engagement:
  • Strengthen community bonds through shared participation in cleanup events.
  • Foster a sense of pride and ownership within the Own The Doge community.
  1. Environmental Impact:
  • Contribute to local environmental conservation by keeping the adopted highway clean and well-maintained.


Twitter: @bossj_eth
Discord: bossj.eth #0939

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The “Adopt-a-Highway and Name It Doge” initiative is a unique and impactful way for our community to come together, make a positive change, and promote $DOG coin in a visible and meaningful manner. Your support and feedback are crucial for the success of this initiative, and I look forward to the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for $DOG coin and the Own The Doge community.


ty for the submission @bossjcrypto.eth

i think $6k sounds a little high for this sort of proposal given if i adopted a highway near me its often free and they provide you with free gear/bags to do volunteer cleanups, so no cost

off the cuff, maybe we could tip you for success if you were able to get highway signs change to Own The Doge or something that draws back to Doge or the project

im open to ideas around it, but think this needs a little more stinginess/guerilla marketing to it

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Henlo ser @tridog

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the proposal. Your perspective on cost-efficiency and guerrilla marketing is invaluable.

I completely understand your point about the proposed cost (‘I’m always down to negotiate with the budget cost’ respectively with your’s suggesting budget cost) , especially in comparison to the free resources available for volunteer cleanups. Your suggestion to tie in guerrilla marketing tactics, like changing highway signs to reflect our project theme, is brilliant.

I’m enthusiastic about revisiting the proposal with a focus on leveraging cost-effective strategies and incorporating more innovative guerrilla marketing techniques. Your input has sparked some exciting ideas, and I’m eager to explore them further.

Let’s collaborate on refining the proposal to ensure it aligns with our vision and maximizes impact.

Looking forward to our continued discussions.