The Doge NFT brand update

Henlo Doges,

Following months of community feedback and input, debate that raged deep into the night, and carefulconsultation with Chat GPT, I think we are ready to review a draft of our proposed shift from “The Doge NFT” to “Own The Doge” so that all of our socials, website, and media is more consistent. We also cleaned up our project vision, mission, Doge commandments, and ideas around community participation.

At the core of the brand update:

  1. The project & community will be called “Own The Doge”
  2. The Doge NFT will be the key piece of art we collectively own
  3. $DOG is still our token and Doge pixels are the visual NFT based representation of ownership of The Doge NFT

For the love of Doge check out the slides below, leave a comment on them, or drop a note below. I appreciate your time more than you will ever know.

Lots more detail in the slides linked here


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would love to solidify and hold all Own The Doge assets + have a cohesive name/brand across socials and online channels asap

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