What is our mission for The Doge NFT / Own The Doge?

Over the past few weeks, and really since the project began over a year ago, we’ve been calibrating the mission of us as a community to best steward the ownership of doge.

We’ve compiled and simplified many of these ideas into a short deck in order to get feedback from the community on our best north star and focus as we continue to develop the community, Doge DAO, and project to be the most doge it can be, as well as the best place to participate in Web3.

We want to be fun, accessible to people new to crypto/NFTs, and to always create a safe/enjoyable place for everyone to live doge values.

But all this can mean different things to different people, so here’s your chance to tell us more about what you think we should focus on as the owners of doge.

As DOG/Doge Pixel holders, we are all a part of this journey and can dictate the future of doge through community conversations in Discord/Twitter as well as on-chain via the Doge DAO (daoge.eth) as DOG/Doge Pixel holders.

That’s why we want to make sure we are always heading in the right direction and to continue opening up the DAO in order to decentralize further, provide more opportunities to earn $DOG for helping grow the project, as well as leadership positions.

We’ve been working at this over the past year. We are a 6/9 multisig protecting the treasury after hosting two more open, on-chain elections. We launched Discourse for more open discussions around Bark Tank grants and improvement ideas. We launched the DIC (Doge Improvement Council) as an advisory group overseeing activities making the project better. We’ve also launched dozens of bounties on Layer3 and hosted roundtables on Twitter and in Discord. But there’s much more we can do in order to build the future of doge together.

Long story long, here are some of the ways, in text, we hope to stay aligned to our mission and the best possible stewardship of the world’s greatest meme, photo, and dog.

Take a read and share your thoughts in the comments in the slides & here on discourse

>>> What is The Doge NFT? - Google Slides <<<


Recently I got acquainted with the concept and I am sold to the idea. In my eyes, this is greatest store of value. Since I’m new here, I can’t cover everything you do yet, just thought I’d leave my two cents.


Really well put @tridog!

Make Doge the most important piece of art in the world by solidifying Doge as the Mona Lisa of the Internet age. <3

Also there is typo - Louvre, not Lourve :kek:


ty ser so good to hear

its a new type of LOUvvvR