DOGEbot: Paving the Path for Pawsperous Trading


Introducing DOGEbot, a multi-chain telegram sniper bot making on-chain trading seamless, accessible, and fun. DOGEbot isn’t just a trading tool; it’s a beacon of growth for the Own The Doge ecosystem and a new chapter in the lore of Doge.

With a commitment to enhancing Doge’s utility and value, DOGEbot stands as a testament to our community’s values: innovation, growth, fun, and doing good. Join us to strengthen our collective spirit and propel Doge to new heights!


  • $DOG burned as a result of transactions processed by DOGEbot.
  • Increase Own The Doge’s community size and engagement on social media platforms like X.
  • Retention (the single most important thing for growth).

Meet the Team

We’re two 21-year-olds with a profound blend of experience in software development, finance, and web3, united by a shared passion for cricket, motorsports, memes, and entrepreneurship.

Our path to Doge was lit by the community’s vibrant culture, promising not just ownership of the Mona Lisa of the Internet but a symbol of unity, opportunities, innovation, and generosity.

What brought you to Doge?

The ethos of Doge, embodying fun, community, and the spirit of giving, deeply resonates with our values. Doge represents more than a meme; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and philanthropic digital realm.


Our first milestone is to develop and launch DOGEbot within two weeks. Also, we’re focused on rallying community support, making DOGEbot a tool by the community, for the community.

After this, the roadmap includes creating innovative solutions like a copy trading bot and an NFT sniper bot, further enriching our ecosystem.


We are not seeking economic support for DOGEbot; our primary aim is to garner the backing of the Own The Doge community.

To gauge community interest and ensure substantial demand for DOGEbot, we propose the following metrics:

  • 10 replies and interactions with this topic.
  • Commitment to promote DOGEbot on the official Own The Doge socials contingent on building a world-class sniper bot in line with industry standards, ensuring it meets the community’s expectations for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Upon meeting these criteria, we will immediately commence the development of DOGEbot. In our opinion, this approach ensures that DOGEbot and any future projects we embark on will remain aligned with our shared vision for the growth and prosperity of the Own The Doge ecosystem.

As seen in the bar chart above, DOGEbot will charge its users a 1% transaction fee, of which 10% will go towards $DOG buyback and burns. Additionally, a portion will be allocated to a charity of the community’s choice, aligning with Doge’s philanthropic values. The remaining profits will be exclusively reinvested in R&D and marketing until we become the industry’s leading sniper bot and beyond.


  • Week 1: Rapid development
  • Week 2 Testing and launch of DOGEbot

Contact Info


Inspiration comes from successful projects like BONKbot, showcasing the potential of a dedicated team supported by a strong community. We aim to emulate and surpass such benchmarks by focusing on multi-chain capabilities and a broader range of services, ensuring DOGEbot is a cornerstone of The Doge community’s success.

Let’s unite to make DOGEbot a symbol of innovation and collective vision. Together, we can achieve extraordinary milestones for the Doge community. LFD!


Gm, not sure if we are interested in a burn but perhaps we could pool earnings into a charity or science fund, otherwise I love this idea and would be interested to dive in and hear more about your team & vision.

More tools to proliferate DOG will be essential to our growth imo, I would also like to explore the concept of a multilingual educational learn to earn bot for TG :dog2::sparkles:


Gm Smoke. Thank you for your feedback.

We were considering allocating a majority of the funds in the Doge Treasury toward a charity or science fund.

To adjust this approach based on what will best serve the community, we are currently earmarking 30% of our fees for the Doge Foundation, a more appropriate name that we believe reflects our commitment to the ecosystem’s development and philanthropic efforts.

On a more personal note, I am from India and currently work in finance within the DIFC in Dubai. While this is my day job, I aspire to transition into the crypto space—this project could very well be my bridge to that. My colleague, a talented freelance developer, is operating out of Gujarat.

Our immediate goal is to create a multi-chain bot that enables effortless on-chain trading across Ethereum, Solana, and Base via a single interface. Imo, there is a significant gap in the market for such a tool. We plan to extend our services to additional chains where $DOG is prevalent and on-chain trading is active.

Long-term, we envision our direction being shaped by our users and the Doge Dao. The ideal scenario is an active user base whose feedback drives our development priorities, with the Doge Dao guiding us toward the best implementation strategies. Our skill sets complement each other well for the roadmap we have envisioned.

The idea of a multilingual educational learn-to-earn bot for Telegram is intriguing, and we’d be thrilled to explore this opportunity further with you.

Looking forward to discussing this in detail and working together to bring these ideas to fruition.

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yeah no burning dog bc it would be like burning a part of the meme photo

but a FOREVER PIXEL could be cool in a future version of the pixel portal

also some council concerns re the security of bot wallets like this


I complied with everything this guy said :pray:

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Like the sound of a forever pixel, I would love to explore it further.

You’re absolutely right to bring up security; it’s crucial indeed.

Access to private keys is required for a sniper bot, and we ensure they are handled with the utmost security by saving the secret key as an environment variable. This step is fundamental in eliminating the risk of wallet draining, assuming users avoid approving any malicious transactions.

Furthermore, all swaps and on-chain actions will be performed via secure and audited APIs like 1inch and Jupiter, enhancing the overall security framework.

I’m always on the lookout for more measures, so if you have additional suggestions or concerns, please share them.