To fund dogedealz (a dogecoin only payment processor & more)

DogeDealz has been around for several years, and only recently incorporated as a Wyoming based limited liability company this year with the stated mission of “building parallel economies with #doge”. Our plan is to work with the dogecoin foundation in order to produce functioning, auditable and compliant implementations of the gigawallet back-end service for various e-commerce ecosystems to promote global dogecoin adoption by:

  1. establishing working relationships with e-commerce ecosystems
  2. changing buy/sell/trade behavior to include earn/spend behavior
  3. develop proof of concept payment applications per ecosystem
  4. have proof of concept approved for e-commerce application marketplaces
  5. establish a unique e-commerce footprint by selling pet toys and accessories via its own storefront
  6. create a gig-economy marketplace similar to fiverr or upwork and make money via collecting escrow fees

At the beginning of 10/23 DogeDealz released a DRC-20 token called $DELZ that could be swapped in exchange for DOG or distributed and sold to members of the DAO as an initial token offering or (ITO).

The Team:

  1. technical founder
  2. two offshore development teams that are ready to work based on created technical documents
  3. collaboration with dogecoin foundation developers via beta testing gigawallet
  4. presently seeking a community and business development manager


Presently seeking $2,100 USD to pay for Big Commerce proof of concept and $50,000 to achieve revenue neutrality within 1 year (pro forma is available)

We have three revenue models and need more info on OTD treasury and its needs:

  1. drop-shipping or “doge-shipping” via pet brand
  2. payment processing (low fees)
  3. escrow fees from gig-economy marketplace (upwork model)

Per above DogeDealz has deployed and minted 1,000,000 DELZ tokens of which it presently holds ~550,000 that can be distributed as appropriate

There are many risks and legal considerations for this project included the risks associated with FinCEN, OFAC, AML, cyber security generally, money service business registration etc.

DogeDealz would be happy to accept any disbursement in installments and can provide a pro forma per above.


  1. 60 hours of development time for initial proof of concept and 1 year timeline expected until revenue neutrality.
  2. OTD DAO member can act as board member or c-suite executive to assist with tracking progress

Contact: george.artem(at)dogedealz(dot)com | 206.929.6114 |

References available: 1 yr pro forma, executive summary, pitch deck


Very interested in hearing more, I can be reached at or from any of our official socials.

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thanks for submitting your idea! It feels like there’s a lot packed into this proposal and its a high ask – id need to learn more about what the most powerful part of this is and how it truly helps Own The Doge community and project

Hello Tridog!

Yes, this is an ambitious proposal. We could talk about scaling things back or breaking milestones up into manageable chunks as you all see fit.

The primary value add here is probably more closely aligned to dogecoin “global adoption” goals rather than to Own the Doge directly, although there are probably some things we could brainstorm as it relates to the DELZ DRC-20 token and creating some kind of value exchange for OTD DAO.

Alternatively, we could talk about OTD members jointly or separately gaining actual equity in DogeDealz LLC via the distribution of shares that could vest depending on specific contributions or the achievement of certain milestones.

I am open to discussing all avenues.


We would love to fuse Dogecoin and Own The Doge communities more as we already have crossover from Doge culture appreciatoors. Would like to see some more ideation here.

Not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious clear on how the DELZ token factors in here as it adds another token layer of complexity.

Probably not possible for us as a DAO to invest in your company. We make grants to spread Doge culture mainly. Also, it’s more of an issue with alignment with the community/project than how we fund.

Maybe there’s more ideation you could do, or are you focused on just this idea?

Well, there are a number of ways to potentially “fuse” OTD with a broader part of the dogecoin community. One way to do that may be to inscript your own DRC-20 token that could be redeemable by existing OTD holders during the minting process. (You would have to find an available four character string to signify OTD or you could conceivably fractionalize the same Kabosu image using DOGE-NFT infrastructure).

As for DogeDealz, and DELZ token, we are unfortunately already well past the ideation stage and are very ready for execution.

However, we have had some discussions about the ability to use tokens (ETH, DRC-20 etc.) for the ability to unlock special products / discounts and the like through our own or participating store fronts. This is something we’ve talked about as “potentially cool to do” but is nowhere on our development roadmap at present.



Actually, the technology for the later already exists in the context of a Shopify store. You can check it out below :sunglasses: :sunglasses: