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After speaking with Smoke about her leading the ambassador and bounty program, plus all the feedback, especially what DK has suggested…rerouting my proposal under this cause as a bounty.

The ask: .17 eth worth of $DOG for me to mint a Petaverse NFT

In return:

-promote and maintain exposure of Own The Doge and continue to foster relationships in other projects/DAOs, NFT communities and brands…

-help @ownthedoge get 3 Twitter Spaces with DAOs, NFT projects, or companies that have significant followings (10k followers, good engagement, no rugs). Radio,shack, Slimjim, or other meme brands would be awesome.

-help promote OTD events on twitter (Meme Mondays, Community Calls, etc.)

-make funny memes under big account tweets (elon?) and tag @Ownthedoge

Proposal for the DAO to purchase Voucher(s) for the Petaverse’s mint of genesis pets.

During a Doge Pound x Petaverse space call, i had the opportunity to talk with Susan Cummings, ceo and founder of Petaverse Network. She loved my excitement and random ideas so much she gave me a VIP WL spot.

The voucher sales start on March 13th, and each voucher is 0.15 ETH plus gas. There are only 7,777 in this genesis edition and the redemption/unboxing is on March 27th. The traits are hidden and randomized until the reveal (much like the pixel portal). There are 4 different cat rarities but none in the common category are in this special mint. Once the voucher sale ends, their DAO will purchase any and all unclaimed with funds already allocated in their Treasury.

-this is an immortal pet and the genesis cats are the master key to everything now and in the future. immediately it would give access to their meme-o-tron (available on iPhone, Android or browser) and an ID/pfp. Soon will be a VR experience, Twitch/livestream integration xp, pet breeding :eyes:, nintendogs-type pet xp, the next pet type, plus a skunkworks team building “test” experiences (similar to Lords of Dogetown games for the community)

-Access: genesis owners get special rights to everything within the Petaverse, including new pet type mints and exclusive access/free projects/first to new mints, etc.

-Historical significance: petaverse cats are immortal and designed to outlive any single blockchain or technology because of how they are built to be interoperable across platforms and blockchains

Susan described cats being the initial focus because of design (way less varieties of breeds and sizes) and mechanics of movement (cats climb, crawl, jump, etc. for more dynamic playing experience). But this is just the beginning…shiba inus are very cat like and i could see a future collab)

I believe that funds spent to acquire vouchers for the genesis mint and establish our Dogely presence will build a strong relationship between both DAOs because of our carefree creative nature combined with a very talented and experienced team in the gaming industry….and therefore expanding our network for future projects and collabs.

This WL spot for special access to the vouchers is only available through my registered email, but obviously I would be open to suggestions for best practice if we were to buy a herd of cats.

My ask is for just 1 voucher (0.15 ETH + gas) so i can continue to build relationships and network in this ecosystem that I strongly feel will benefit this community for partnerships in the future, but I wanted to present a larger opportunity if interested since they just released how the minting process will work.


Resources: https://petaverse.com/
email screenshot-


This project looks really cool imo; I think they were mentioned to me a few weeks back on a call I was on w/the founder of Doge Pound, I reached out to him to verify the extent of their relationship.

The team seems well connected and established with solid backers and a budding presence in Asia; I think It’s worth looking more closely at.


i’ve been waiting months for them to announce the launch…they have thought of every little thing and how to keep it accessible for generations. she even took my idea of just being able to use a laser pointer for the cat to chase around just as a dumb fun feature. they’re a husband/wife founding team, they’ve been in the gaming industry with rockstar(if my foggy memory serves me right), they’re well-connected, they’re launching with intention as in ultimate use-case…i would love to have our dao have a decent holding to back it for future endeavors as well. the wl spots were snagged up in seconds any time they’ve been offered, and this is truly a luck of the draw opportunity to be a part of early just because of the way they decided to roll out the genesis mints and my graciousness as a vessel :joy:

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I share the same sentiment as luden. Maybe one or two at most just to establish a presence with the community and use it for potential future Collabs or drops. Aside from them being cool MV items, which IMO are only worth a few dollars, there is no utility. Them being able to say they are working with TheDogeNFT is way important for their cred than vice versa. The relationship could lead to possible drops where, say, a pixel holder gets a pet or derivative pet but their value is not worth .15 eth without utility, no matter what traits they’re given. Maybe .001-.003 eth for a cool MV item. Just my opinions and thoughts. Let me know if I missed something of importance.


did you ever play nintendogs or Kinectimals? at a simple level it has that concept but you can take your pet with you

Definitely good to have a foot in this project so you can continue to build on those opportunities :+1:

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how many vouchers would need to be bought to establish “a good relationship” with their DAO? Any concrete ideas of what we’d do with the collection of cats after we acquire them? It does look like they have potential and I think we’d be good to have a collection of AI MV shibas ourselves, but I’m just curious what the benefits would be to acquire cats now instead of acquiring dogs in the future.

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since this is their special genesis mint it gives all access to everything in the future, plus not a single one would be a common trait. The rarities will give access to more rare traits and features when those are released. As far as how many vouchers out of 7,777…i don’t really know since i’m just a pleb here and don’t know the inner workings of establishing dao provenance in itself and within others.

to wait and see if they even decide to make dogs could be a while if they even do it, but it wouldn’t be a genesis mint and we wouldn’t have any of the perks earned along the way or have any say in their dao.

a thought in the back of my mind is how many could we purchase then to later breed them as a one-off perk to pixel holders like fractionalizations because we would need to maintain their interoperable features and likely need their devs help, plus a dao vote. i think it would make so much more sense and more likely to happen to do that within vs approaching from the outside asking them to make it happen for us.

it’s like buying the keys then building the house…


Is that their project? I think this is a cool idea, but only worry their project is small/low enagement. I might be looking at the wrong twitter tho?

no. wrong one. i already included their website link and their socials are attached to it.

looks like an interesting project. A few questions I had-

  • will buying 1 NFT help build a strong relationship between both DAOs?
  • how will the dogen community benefit from it? Will this be an expense only to establish a relationship with Petaverse or would we be able to do something with these cats in the form of Pixel Perks, etc.?

I think relationship establishment could be key and we can also collab for AI shibes, pixel perks, incept gaming NFTs … who knows

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y’all please read their documents…it’s all in there…direct link to white paper -

Thanks, looks cool. I support this assuming we can do a collab spaces or community event or something at some point. Nice find and well written proposal rach.

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i know they’d definitely be down for that and i can ask susan and/or her husband for a time somewhere after the initial voucher phase and around unboxing….depending on all the eth conferences they’re going to.

if mine was paid for it would take a lot of stress off my back and as a token of gratitude id make sure to act as a liaison between both daos and provide alpha/keep otd top of mind for potential collabs…y’all know im pretty active and engage with almost everyone, that’s how i was given VIP access :woman_shrugging:

i’m minting one regardless even though i can’t afford it but i’m willing to starve or sell my dogecoin to get one (this statement shouldn’t be taken lightly :triumph:)

imo- buying more as a dao would allow us to figure out all the cool stuff we could do for pixel perks, sandbox games, etc.
how many? idk…i need at least one other person to bounce ideas back and forth with, to test things, whatever…or we scoop up a herd to play with, have a presence as a dao, make costumes for them to look like shibes until we figure it out

i thought it was a 1/1 wl spot but this is huge

FYI, most mints tend to drop in price significantly at reveal, please keep this in mind, I would hate for you to get burnt, especially if you are already stretching yourself financially to purchase one. I have looked at their twitter, and I have read through your proposal as well as their whitepaper, I believe there is some potential, however, actions speak louder than words and I don’t believe anything I saw warranted them credibility at this time. I personally believe this project is still too early. With that being said, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep an eye on them, maybe see if we can do some collab spaces with them for our community members to AMA them. I believe collaborations and networking is essential if we want mass adoption and to continue to scale, however, I agree with DilDoge, I believe they would be benefiting a lot more than we would be benefiting. Maybe I am missing it, but I don’t see what they have to bring to the table that we need or don’t already have. I personally believe, if we are going to collab and to expand our presence into other communities, it should be with communities/projects that have been established and have time in market. When you hop into a project, especially pre-mint there are still a lot of unknowns, and the truth is, people will follow our lead. So, if our DAO decides to purchase some mints, then likely some of our members will follow suite, I don’t want to see people get burnt - having a good space and being able to deliver a product are two completely differnt things.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your sentiment, however my proposal was not asking for personal investment advice…it should be obvious i’m well-aware of risks considering this is a dao of beige pixel investors and communities only exist if people support it. My proposal is would the dao want to use their funds to be involved in it or not.

I’ve been actually reading into their white paper since I hadn’t yet. It’s unfortunately a ‘no’ for me, as I see this project is going to take a LOT of development and there is much fluff in it about it being very unique and the hope of interoperability. I think it will take hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in development for it to become something worthwhile.
And, even at that point, I think there is much competition. What they claim as ‘novel’, their “Passport”, seems very similar to what Cyber Crew’s Clone Card is that has been around for over a year Clone Card Link Here. I’m sure there are other major developers working on these exact things. Every big game development company is shooting for NFTs that have interoperability and that is exactly what they’re trying to achieve. When they all have it, I believe the ‘companionship’ that makes the project look cut will fade, as any of these big companies will be able to create a run of cats, dogs, salamanders, that you can collect and play with in your AR/VR experience.

To me, it seems they want to create a crypto kitties + kittyverse that can be ported from one chain to another. Never mind, I just hit it on the head on page 12 and that’s what they said their inspiration came from. In their own words “The only difference is the size and scale”.
Not to mention, that page also states they’re keeping it ERC-721, meaning fees are going to be expensive for transfers. Fees are critical implementations to and project should be cheap. It works for pixels because it’s a rather unique case but even pixels would be ERC1155 if given the chance again I believe.

So, to me, I think it is still early for their project and don’t believe the relationship will bring much value to the DAOge. I’ve seen thousands of projects since 2016 and have a hard time trusting any of them to not fail. I believe their mint price is high considering the project is far from finished and is full of hopeful promising.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, just me 2 cents after reading the white paper. I think what they’re doing is already in process by others. It’s a Doge eat Doge world out there.

If you give me 1.5+ million dollars, I will create all the above and more, my promise.

update on the minting phase-

first allocation mint beginning 6 am EST on march 13th
allowed up to 3 vouchers