inDOGEpendance: Next Stage of Decentralization

It’s been a wild ride, appropriately, it’s Doge.

We’ve brought Doge to places she’s never been before. Hollywood. Club bangers. Bronze. Auctions. Supercars. Museums. Space. Pilgrimages. Art. Meme collisions. Even [REDACTED]. All in our mission to crown Doge the Mona Lisa of the internet.

On the DAO side, we’ve had a few stages of DAO development.

We’ve gone from The Doge NFT fractionalized into DOG to form the Doge DAO (daoge.eth) with a 6/9 international majority multisig (appropriately).

We spun up the Bark Tank grant program to support community proposals and contributions furthering DOG and Doge (

We rebranded to Own The Doge to better represent our collective stewarding of Doge (treasury and future snapshots will be at ownthedoge.eth).

It’s been a fun decentralization journey and now it’s time for the next level.

Over the past few months we’ve been operating in a DIC (Doge Improvement Council) advisory board-like flow. Now we are formalizing this process with the community, with the ask:

We want your eyes, ears, mouths, and snouts to take Own The Doge ( to the next level.

As part of this next step, we want to do a few things:

  1. Decentralize to enable further community ownership of Doge
  2. Ignite our community grants (Bark Tank) and bounties (Prop House, Layer3, and frens)
  3. Support more community leaders & provide more onramps to guiding the project
  4. Officially transition core team into DIC roles to oversee Bark Tank proposals and key operations

In short, we are expanding our DAO governance in order to keep down the path of decentralizing without losing momentum.

We’ve gotten feedback from many of the top DAOs, including Pleasr, ApeDAO, Nouns, CabinDAO, Paragons, Pudgy Penguins, Joke Race, and NFD, and here’s where we are going:

We’ll implement improved operations and a (fun) constitution over the next few months in partnership with the new DIC structure.

We’ll make appointments to the DIC to provide continuity with the institutional knowledge of the core team and run an election for a non-US spot. All with 12 month terms, so there will be more opportunities to get involved in the future.

Here’s where you can submit your application before Friday, August 11, 2023:

We will review applications by Tuesday, August 15 and then spin up a Snapshot vote for the DIC election.

Full DIC job description (please read thoroughly if you apply): Doge Improvement Council (DIC) Jawb

The current structure of the DIC is:

  1. Gainor - tech dad - buildoor of pixel portal (via Bark Tank), pilgrimagoor
  2. Smoke - community and ops - Doge Academy & metaverse OG
  3. Zona - strategy - Day1 DOG hodler and first community manager, pilgrimagoor
  4. Shubh - content and social media - tweet boi and reply guy to richest men, pilgrimagoor
  5. Path - doge pioneer - NFD creatoor, owner of multiple doge memes, pilgrimagoor
  6. Elliotereum - barketing and NFTs - creatoor of Fast Food Doges (via Bark Tank)
  7. OPEN - Election - non-US based/citizen
  8. NO VOTE - Honorary - Atsuko - adoptoor of Doge and Kabosumama
  9. NO VOTE - Pleasr Lead - Tridog - DOG project lead, creatoor of lore, pilgrimagoor

Note: the Pleasr Lead role oversees the council and project operations while driving the future of the Doge brand and connective tissue surrounding her. Tridog will continue to act as both the full time project lead and Pleasr liaison helping direct the development of Own The Doge and guide the DIC. Beyond Bark Tank, Tridog is also leading key projects like the Doge Documentary and focusing on building partnerships to further our Mona Lisa mission.

We’ll organize Own The Doge DAO governance into this oversight structure:

  1. Treasury: Multisigs (6/9 dogs)
  2. Operations: DIC (4/7 dogs)
  3. Community: Proposals (monthly budget of USD ~$25k in DOG to fund dogely ideas)

And this will be the ruff decision making flow:

Approximate Monthly Budget Breakdown

  • Total = USD ~$50,000 in DOG
  • Fixed DIC = ~$9,940 ($1420 x7)
  • Ops = ~$15,060
  • Bark Tank = ~$25,000

The allotted budget will transfer to the DIC wallet once per month via the 6/9 multisig at ownthedoge.eth with any previous budget rolling over. The DIC can also request additional funds for specific situations or larger asks (financial or otherwise). Anything over $50,000 will go to DAO-wide Snapshot vote. See chart above for more detail.

That will give the Own The Doge treasury over 2.5 years of runway into the beginning of 2026 (conservatively assuming no major price swings or revenue).

Okay, nuff said. So, what’s next?

We’d like to officially ask for your support and feedback as DAO members and DOG holders to help take the leash into this next era of Doge.

After this round of feedback and the DIC election, we will move to update the constitution with the DIC and to ratify it via DAO-wide SnapShot vote.

Again, our goals are:

  • More transparency and decentralization
  • More reliance on (and increase of) community contributions
  • Build project foundation to last well past this decade (own the Doge brand, content, product to support the future of Doge)

If you have any questions or comments, please share below and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Doge stronger together.




1. What is Own The Doge?

Governance History

2. Snapshot
3. Snapshot
4. Discord
6. Snapshot

How can you get involved?

1. Submit a project idea for Bark Tank funding: How to Create a Successful Proposal
2. Run for election to DIC to direct our future:
3. Participate in paid bounties, create content, and promote the project
4. Join our talent pool: Want to help build the church of doge?

Questions to answer still

1. Quorum updates?
2. Wen Telegram vs Snapshot votes for DIC?


I’m getting some feedback on 4/7 vs 3/5 to start - stay tuned

latest is focusing on 3/5 and will be running an election for the applicants for the final DIC spot as soon as we migrate our snapshot space to ownthedoge.eth (known bugs with snapshot slowing us down)

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Final DIC election here: Snapshot