Angry Doge ANFD investment round

Like DOG, Angry Doge is a fractionalized token of one of the original zora doge images. It is part of the NFD ecosystem, and can be earned by staking NFD LP tokens.

It currently trades at a $1m fdv, with about 70% of the supply being unlocked through staking, or “liquidity mining”, over the next 7 years. This round offers an opportunity to invest at a $700k valuation, buying straight from feisty DAO. The funds will be used to run an airdrop to over 120,000 unique addresses, all of whom have been active in adjacent projects, including all DOG holders. The funds, about 10 eth worth, will also be added to the LP to support the price.

Your investment will vest over 6 months, with 1/6th of your token share being paid to you each month on the 25th. This proposal is for $9696 USD worth of DOG in funding.


xoxo ty for sharing @path and def open to supporting doge/fractional projects in the space

i would lean DOG token vs ETH since we don’t have much diversification in the treasury currently

With the size of the fractional meme ecosystem, I think we need to support one another, and I am also bullish on Doge DAO holding some Angry Doge on top of our NFD & $DOG.

I think this is exciting and would like to see this through, maybe we do a higher # paid in $DOG instead of ETH?

Looking forward to seeing what others share,


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Yes, love this. Have always said we should work closely with NFD and other fractionalised meme projects so that all boats rise.

Would be happy to see us purchase more than 5ETH worth too (paid in $DOG as discussed above).

Thanks for the proposal Path.



I love this Path, I think that this is a great opportunity for the Doge DAO to invest in another valuable fractionalized token from such a legendary series of NFTs.

Thanks so much for this opportunity.


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I like this proposal. Meme backed memes :handshake:

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I think we should move forward ASAP with a $9,696 OTC paid in market value $DOG


I second this; please consider the proposal amended to 9696 USD worth of DOG.


full support. full send. we love path. all dogs rise together.

This proposal has been revised :white_check_mark:

hey path - the DIC has voted to APPROVE your proposal. Can you please provide the eth address of where to send the $DOG to?

results - Snapshot

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Hey Zona! The address is 0x8569FCa4fb54CE58228992CDA60bc920A574cf39


+1 from my side! Let’s go Doggos!

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