Adopt a Highway (And Name it Doge)

This is a pitch to create a program that reimburses any costs or time people spend cleaning up a highway or volunteering if they get a local highway sigh changed to “DOGE” or “OWN THE DOGE”

This is just a funny, local way anyone can use Doge for the greater good.

Do Good: You clean up your community’s roads.
Spread Joy & Have Fun: You make Doge locally famous.

Step 1 - find your local transportation agency website or phone number.

Step 2 - call them and say you want to adopt a highway. Sometimes there’s an online form.

Step 3 - put the name on the sign as ‘DOGE’ or ‘OWN THE DOGE’ or something fun Doge related

Step 4 - clean up highway per your agreement (usually 1-2 times per year)

Step 5 - post proof of your sign on socials and tag @ownthedoge (links: Own The Doge | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok | Linktree)

Step 6 - send us proof/links to posts and we can cover any costs you incurred via a DOG token stipend


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Love this, one of my favs from our Doge Proposal dream list :heart_eyes:

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i’ve done this once before for another mysterious reason and its not hard to do or keep up on