Monthly Operations Budget (partnerships, contractors, bounties)

  1. Summary

Title: Request for Monthly Operations Budget

About: Test run of a small operational budget to streamline DAO activities around partnerships and collaborations. We will set robust internal metrics to measure success and ROI to review progress at the end of the month.

Grant Requested: 9,420k USD in $DOG each month for operations activities for 1 month trial period

  1. Plan

This grant would be used for partnerships and to pay vendors as well as other other operational expenses. Examples would be to hire contractors or pay for bounties on various platforms.

Is there a revenue element to this proposal?

No direct revenue.

Are there legal considerations?

Yes, we need to make sure we are compliant and are both ethical and following relevant laws.
Will this project require developer build time/needs?
Can you receive payment in installments or do you need the full budget up front?

Payment would be to a wallet only to be used for this purpose and would have to be paid up front each month. $DOG would only be converted as required to reduce price impact. Smoke would manage the budget.

  1. Meet the Team

I am Doge King and am a core member of the Own The Doge team.

You can find me each week at the Woof Weekly call hosted by @ownthedoge each Thursday at 11am PT/2pm ET

Smoke - Budget Management

  1. Timeline

1 Month, will repeat if it goes well


:saluting_face: we salute your hard work for us ser

looks great @DogeKing! would be nice to get a retro (at least from the first month) to see what’s working vs. what needs improvement in this funding process and ways to track success.