Discord tip.cc "liquidity drops"

1. Overview
We fill up the tip.cc discord bot with $DOG monthly to send to active members. This is with the purpose of putting more $DOG in the hands of the community whilst boosting Discord engagement and re-creating the culture of tipping for the culture that existed in the early days of Doge. We will hold more discord events weekly to encourage tipping and ways for more people to receive $DOG.

2. Proposed use of grant
I suggest that we drop 50-100k $DOG per month to active Discord memebers via the tip.cc bot.

3. Experience
Tipping on discord has been great in the past and gets people excited to send $DOG to each other. However the original $DOG held by mods has been mostly distributed, so consistent drops would help keep the tip wallets topped up.

4. Timeline
This project would run for 3 months and thereafter get revised by comparing activity metrics on Discord before and after the 3 months - If it has resulted in noticeable results we should reconsider having it run for another 3 months.

5. Other Thoughts
My recommendation is that we have drops during meme-mondays, for the people who show up and participate and also for people who are active during woof-weekly.

I also suggest we introduce a new day, when we have small tip-bot airdrops/phrase-drops running through the day, and we call this day according to the culture “Tipping Tuesday”.

I believe we should view this as a form of marketing expense which aims to increase activity among the people we recruit into the most active part of our social media, which should be Discord, at a low expense (50 - 100$ per month that the project is running).


I think tipping is really important and effective and I agree with this proposal; Discord activity has been gaining momentum over the past month or so with an increase in events and organization of comms and I think this will really help to TIP it over the edge; We will also be holding special DAGT events monthly in Discord and that could be another great time for us to spread this extra DOG around.


love the idea. I’ve re-formatted the proposal and will have this in front of DIC vote tomorrow.

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just following up that this was executed on