Own the Doge x Prop House by Nouns DAO

  1. Overview

I would like to test the Nouns Prop House platform https://prop.house/ for proposals/bounties.

I met with the project lead and he was extremely helpful and is dedicated to working with us to ensure that we have a successful onboarding experience.

We also spoke about him attending a Twitter Space to discuss the platform with our community and he is excited to do so.

  1. Proposed use of $DOG grant:

I am proposing that we invest 1.5 ETH to begin our journey on the platform (15 Winners x .1 ETH)

**After another meeting with the Prop House team it was recommended that we run a series of 3 rounds with a total of 5 winners each round. The proposal rounds will last for 7 days each and be followed by a voting period of 5 days which can be gated as we see fit. (i.e. 1 Pixel = 1 vote)

It will be advantageous for us to pay this bounty out in $DOG.

Possible Bounties

**After further discussion I have learned that the best course of action would be to leave the first round open to allow for various types of talent to propose the coolest things they can do for Own the Doge.

Create an animated sticker pack usable on Telegram and Discord

Create a logo for Own the Doge

Create a GIF pack

Open to discussion here but these were some team favorites.

  1. Experience

One of my focuses this quarter is testing various bounty platforms and Nouns DAO is a trusted and reputable DAO;

I think that working with Prop House will open various doors for us in the ecosystem, will act as a catalyst toward building our relationship with Nouns DAO and aligns with our passion for supporting fellow buildoors.

  1. Timeline

I have set up a test drop with Prop House, it is very straight forward, if the grant is approved I can enact a bounty shortly after (less than a week).

We set up a mock house to test the functionality and the setup is straightforward https://master–prop-house.netlify.app/own-the-doge

  1. Other Thoughts

The community deserves epic bounties, LFD


I like this idea, GIF packs would be dope.


im down - would be an interesting experiment for both community members/bounties as well as integrating into the nouns community/ecosystem


Obviously a big supporter of bounties. Only question is what are we trying to proliferate and need the community to come together to work on and spread? That’s where I’d focus on for asks from the community.


i really really like their playground…i don’t know how a bounty would play in but i 100% want to make stuff in there, like create traits from our own pixel portal to use and vice versa.

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In full support – big fan of prop house & think it’ll help us attract high quality contributors. I agree with Zona’s statement above on how we determine / rank the asks we have. Current thinking is, that that should be decided upon by the community as well.


Awesome; Agreed, they highly recommend that the first round be open, but makes perfect sense to me to have heavy community input for various asks;

Another cool way to leverage Prop House will be for team asks as well (such as the ones you have all written in the bounty doc)


I support almost any idea Smoke has. I’m not full bottle on the Nouns ecosystem, but trust that it’s good for us to get closer to.

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Love ya Salad tysm for the kind words

it’s v v gud - nouns has proven overly sustainable, recurring revenue for a dao ($40M+ in treasury) - prob the best model out there, plus has created solid tooling for the industry that we should def be testing out for our doges

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I’m in favor. It’s a low cost possibly high impact option. /LFD!

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