Proposal Template

Review the template below in order to create a proposal draft that has all the right elements. It’s okay to add more detail, but don’t skimp on why your proposal will help us make Doge the Mona Lisa of the internet.


1. Are DOG/Doge Pixels integrated into it?
2. Does it help us grow?
3. Does it make the DAO revenue?
4. Is it fun? Gamified?
5. Does it create doge lore?
6. Does it do good?

More tips on how to create a successful proposal: How to Create a Successful Proposal



Catchy Title & Tagline

Elevator Pitch (pitch us about your project and how it would help the Own The Doge and DOG token in growth, utility, treasury revenue, community perks, or doing good)

Grant Amount Requested (USD & DOG amounts w/ breakdown) – not required if your idea doesn’t need funding

KPIs (tell us how we know the project would be successful, i.e. new DOG holders, DOG utility, news stories, Twitter impressions)

Meet the Team

Outline yourself and/or team’s experience and expertise in the area, as well as any passions, hobbies and other notable facts you would like to include.

What brought you to Doge? What does she mean to you?


Please provide a detailed breakdown of your proposal, timeline, resources needed, developer building time, and why it’s dogely.


Please provide a cost breakdown with reasoning. Link a Google Sheet if you want.

Is there a revenue element to this proposal?

If yes, what are the ways that this proposal could help to provide revenue for the Own The Doge community treasury? If revenue is earned we always require a percentage to go to a DAO-chosen charity.

Are there risks or legal considerations?

Can you receive payment in installments or do you need the full budget up front? Vesting is preferred.


Approximately how long will this take from start to finish?

Please include a basic chart that identifies the key goals in relation to your timeline.

Provide input on a checks and balances system to ensure consistent progress and optimal utilization of the grant.

Contact Info

Please provide multiple points of contact so that we can reach out and get more info about your proposal (Telegram, Discord & Twitter preferred)

Other / References

Anything else that will help your case? Links? Similar successful projects or benchmarks?

Okay, LFD!

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