Doge Agency Proposal

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Doge Agency

I propose that we develop a Doge talent agency that’s exclusively for animal frens from around the globe. The animal frens would be compensated in DOG, and we’d collect a commission on their work, which could be directed to the treasury. We’d subsequently give a percentage to our favorite animal charities.

Licensing & Registration Fees:
• Business registration and permits: $0 if a sub-entity of the DAO, or $100 - $300 annually depending on where company is incorporated.
• Agency licenses (if required): variable by state.

Marketing and Promotion:
• Website: $100-200 (annually)
• Paid marketing/advertising: $1,000 - $3,000, and piggyback on the Doge and Pleasr channels.
• Direct outreach to candidates: proposals/votes from community for frens to recruit, and we’d reach out directly.

Legal and Accounting Services:
• Legal consultation and contracts: $300-$500 (annually)
• Accounting: $0 if a line item under the existing entity.

• Number of frens signed
• Fren acquisition/retention rate
• Number of brand partners
• Commission revenue growth
• Social media engagement / web
traffic and conversions

Meet the Team
No experience whatsoever, I’ve just amassed a rolodex of animal frens that’s larger than anyone else’s. I would likely want to work with someone else in the community and/or my wife, who knows the space well (instagram[.]com/karinabnyc).

My friends introduced me to the Doge community, and I haven’t been the same ever since.
One jpeg, under $DOG, divisible, with absurdity and much wow for all.


Collect underpants > ? > No wait, sorry, that’s another business plan.

Timeline September to December 2023:

Phase 1: Planning and Preparation (October 2023)
• Kick-off and goal definition
• Research / competitors?
• Define software / choose platform
• Finalize project scope
Resources Needed:
• Webflow/Squarespace/Frontend dev
Developer Building Time:
• Webflow/Squarespace Site Setup: 5-10 hours

Phase 2: Website Redesign and Software Integration (November 2023)
• Wireframing and mockup design
• Development using Webflow/Squarespace/et al
• Testing and feedback
• Finalize site design
Developer Building Time: 10-15 hours, depending on platform

Phase 3: Quality Assurance and Optimization (November 2023)
• Testing and (debugging)
• Final review
Developer Building Time: 5-10 hours, depending on platform

Phase 4: Post-Launch and Ongoing Support (December 2023)
• Ongoing maintenance and updates


Lower Bound:
• Business registration and permits: $0
• Agency licenses: Variable
• Website: $100
• Paid marketing/advertising: $1,000
• Legal consultation and contracts: $300
• Accounting: $0
• Dev: $1000

Upper Bound:
• Business registration and permits: $300
• Agency licenses: (variable, amount not specified)
• Website: $200
• Paid marketing/advertising: $3,000
• Legal consultation and contracts: $500
• Accounting: $0
• Dev: $2,000

• Approximate Total Cost (Lower Bound): = $2,400
• Approximate Total Cost (Upper Bound): $6,000

The total cost will depend on the type of platform selected (e.g. code or no code), specific amount for agency licenses (which is variable) and whether certain expenses are one-time or annual.

Our revenues will be commission-based. In agency situations such as these, there are typically legal considerations surrounding frens working outside of the purview of the agency, and determinations need to be made whether such contracts would be exclusive or non-exclusive. Regarding payment, I’m flexible on how it’s disbursed.

Contact Info
Please provide multiple points of contact so that we can reach out and get more info about your proposal

Other / References