Doge Agency Proposal

Here’s the proposal:

Please let me know if you’d prefer a different format and I’ll sort it out.



welcome matt! ideally no one needs to click a link, so could you format the contents of the gdoc into the proposal?

some tips to help with formatting: How To Create a Winning Proposal - Own The Doge

Hi Tridog,

Do you just mean paste the text from the gdoc here? It was originally a word doc, but I don’t see any place to attach a pdf or doc.


Yes fren, paste the text into your post from your Gdoc so readers don’t need to click into your document link and use Discourse formatting to make it look pretty :blush:

I take it this idea wasn’t voted on, right?

I have another idea around the Doge being reincarnated. It’s very simple / I’m not sure if it requires a proposal, so please do let me know!

what do you mean by being reincarnated? the doge is alive