Doge Documentary Proposal | Round 2



Bring to market Doge Documentary pitch [working title: Underdoge(e)] to secure partnership/ funding through a respected production company, story development, production, and post-production.

This is my second DAO proposal (this was my first) to get us to the next stage of the Doge Documentary film. With previous funding, I captured a mountain of beautiful footage for the documentary film in Japan with a cinematographer and Japanese producer. Additionally, with this footage and previous PleasrHouse footage, I cut over 10 social videos and still (Doge x BLB) content for OTD. You can find them here here here and here. Lastly, I captured interview footage for the documentary in NYC (Know Your Meme), Austin (hired production at Consensus following Gary and Julia and the Dogeclaren), Vancouver (remote with Gary and Julia), and Greg Humble of Dogepalooza with way more to come!

In between work, I’m perfecting our pitch, revising the Underdog(e) Teaser with all the footage mentioned above, and wrapping my head around how Doge will be told.

With this proposed runway I will be able to execute all it takes to get us to the next stage.

If production partnerships and funding are secured before the end of this timeline the remaining funds will be transferred back to the DAO.


June 20th After final revisions to pitch deck and teaser begin pitching to production companies

July 20th Sign and secure production company and line producer

August 31st Begin pitching to networks to secure final production costs with pipeline for production and distribution.


$30,000 total



  • Creative direction for pitch deck
    • Writing
    • Art direction
  • Story development (docu script writing)
    • Writing
    • Story arc
    • Research
    • Visual language
    • Music
  • Lead production creatively


  • Lead cinematography through production


  • Organize film resource documentation and contacts consolidating into one source
  • Creatre film schedule and post schedule
  • Pre and post producing
  • Hire and pay crew


  • Build feature film project (a massive, meticulous effort that must be done right)
  • Transcribe and organize interviews
  • Pull selects of footage
  • Revise Doge Documentary film teaser

I feel like I am a part of the OTD community, the team. I’m learning something new every day as it relates to my existence in this space and storytelling for the film. I’m thrilled to be here and I know we can bring this story to the world, the way DOGE would want it to be.


High five,

Jon Lynn


I’m very supportive of Jon and his work and commitment thus far. His work is always impressive. He’s a self starter. He’s driving us towards something great. And he’s one of few who have actually met Atsuko and Kabosu IRL.

My goal would be this next funding amount puts Jon at the helm of driving the vision of the Doge Documentary forward and gets us to Hollywood documentary studio resources and funding by the end of the proposed period.

That will move us into the next stage of the project and alleviate any professional resourcing and funding needs from the Doge DAO (aka ownthedoge.eth) and instead focus us on the fun community aspects of the project (i.e. having the DOG community name the film via Snapshot vote cough cough…) while Jon and the film team do what they do best.

I will also continue overseeing the project with Jon and make sure we see it through to completion.


i support this as the documentary is shaping up to be our flagship project and captures all the storytelling that the DOG community has been putting in place over the last year too.

it’s time to shoot for the moon and make this the first DAO incubated project to go mainstream (and win an oscar or two :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m just curious to know if there are going to be further funding installments so we can understand the scope of what it’ll take to complete everything in its entirety - or is the ultimate plan to find this production company and studio to fund going forward?

either way, it’s imperative we keep Jon on this project as long as we humanly can - he’s a hot commodity!!


Yes, very happy to support, but I agree with Zona, would be nice to know how many more rounds of funding we’re going to be asked for. If that’s possible to predict.


Thank you so much for your replies @tridog @zona and @SaladPingers and I appreciate all the support.

To answer Zona and Salad, my ultimate plan is to use this 2nd proposal as ruwway to get me through until we secure a production company. But, if Kabosu passes or another big moment happens that we need to capture for the film that could be additional, but much lighter costs incurred outside of my proposal.

To add to all of this, here’s a bulleted list of all I was able to accomplish for the first installment of Doge Documentary Proposalsal 1 which spanned into OTD social.

Doge Documentary Proposal 1 overview

-20 videos for OTD social: PH Couch audience questions, PH Couch Episode Sizzle, and PH Couch Hype moment

-pre-production for Tokyo Pilgrimage

-production for Tokyo Pilgrimage (video/image): hiring DP, Japanese producer/translator, with the capture of 3TB of footage

-post-production of Tokyo Pilgrimage (video/image): editing of BLBxDoge image and 2 BTS videos for NFT auction and OTD social, editing of Doge Pilgrimage Sizzle for OTD social.

-80 hours of Doge Documentary development work: writing, art direction, editing of documentary sizzle with Japan footage and more.

-Doge Documentary interview production with 5 people: Know Your Meme, Gary/Julia Austion Consensus, Dogeclaren founder
-Misc OTD community work and navigation of potential documentary characters and story

Overview of all CONTENT I’ve created with this proposal (email for access if denied)


I am in support of this proposal; I feel that the Doge Documentary is an essential project within Own The Doge and for the Doge community at large; I am bullish on Jon Lynn’s vision, drive and ability to convey the message and spirit of our community.


I support! The Documentary has huge potential & is in amazing hands with Jon.


I love Jon’s work…please pass this :pray:. Him and @tridog have a vision beyond words. Let’s get it to Sundance :dog2:


I’m bullish. The documentary is a great piece in amalgamating Doge History and is super important to deliver to the world and beyond. We are creating history. Lets continue doing so!