Doge Documentary Proposal v1

Doge Documentary Proposal

*UPDATE 3/30/23

Based on comments below and feedback from the team, I’ve asked Jon to factor in additional video edit requests during this period that Jon (or his assistant editor) will execute.

This includes:
- Adding Doge Pilgrimage footage capture for ~30s sizzle recap in multiple formats for Twitter, TikTok/Reels
- Adding 5 Pleasr House doge episode cuts in multiple formats for Twitter, TikTok/Reels
- Cutting out and reducing some of the previous expenses

Total budget estimation would now be 28,941,099 DOG (USD $24,784) with the expectation that we will try to run as lean as possible, while leveraging Jon’s extensive production experience and resources to get the job done at the highest quality. We will also be pitching different partners, Hollywood studios as we look to diversify our funding sources.

The budget will be held by the Doge DAO and paid out only as needed.

We also added a simplified shot list for Japan, including:
- Interviews: Atsuko, Path, 0xMaki, Bad Luck Brian, (can make room for more, if needed)
- Broll: Atsuko school visit/transit, Park where statue, Welcome dinner, Own The Doge retreat, Salt Dog Temple, Hachiko statue, Doge masks on the streets, giant shiba at theme park (?), (will make room for more, if needed)

Updated budget
Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 11.52.01 AM

Thank you for all the feedback and excited to bring Jon and his incredible talent to support our proliferation of doge lore around the world and into future generations.


Basic funding for the next 3 months covering Jon Lynn’s involvement as director of the Doge Documentary.

NOTE: Once Jon is attached we will do a public announcement about the Doge Doc on Twitter and with press, so keep within the DAO for right now.


  1. Bring on Jon Lynn as Director to the Doge Documentary.
  2. Bring Jon Lynn and Cinematographer with Red Camera to Japan to meet the doge, Atsuko, and gather further doge lore from the pilgrimage stops.
  3. Solidify additional funding plans and timeline.
  4. Jon works his arse off to make the most compelling piece of doge art yet.


  • USD $2k/mo in DOG for next 3 months for PT hours on the film (will turn into FT in June, funding split TBD)
  • USD $13,534 in DOG for Japan visit and footage

Total: $19,534

About Jon Lynn

About Documentary

We are creating THE Doge Documentary. This will be a full-length, Netflix-level doge documentary to share the inspirational 17-year story of Kabosu (aka Doge) with a mainstream audience.

Treatment & Teasr: An Underdoge Story - Treatment | Jon Lynn

Budget Breakdown

Doge Documentary | 2023 Production Proposal

*Pleasr has also funded $52,500 USDC thus far in support of the film with approximately half spent, but we will also be exploring traditional production partners in Hollywood and blockchain routes of funding. Total budget target will be around $500k and used over the course of the next 1-2 years.

Accomplished in 2022 & Q1-2023

  • Networked and built a weekly conversational relationship with Atsuko Sato (doge mother)
  • Creative treatment and story planning began: Doge Documentary Creative Treatment (DRAFT)
  • Captured 3 days of footage of Kabo-chan (The 17-year-old Doge), a long-form interview with Atsuko Sato, and b-roll in Japan
  • Cut a 2m teaser (password = muchwow): Private video on Vimeo
  • Began networking for important interviews (Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Vitalik, Billy/Jackson (Founders of Dogecoin), John Monarch (named ‘doge’), Gary (Dogecoin board), Julia (Dogeclaren), Kyle Kemper (Justin Trudeau’s brother), Don (KnowYourMeme - verified the Doge NFT auction),
  • Got okay to use unseen FTX footage/interviews from production team
  • Worked with Jon Lynn on Pleasr House Doge Episode and to cut updated teaser and improve creative treatment
  • Interviewed {{REDACTED}} in San Francisco in January
  • FUTURE: Attach Jon Lynn as Director


  • Jon Lynn (director)
  • New Revolution Media (video production team, creative director, technical director, animators)
  • Juan, PleasrDAO
  • Tridog, Own The Doge (executive producer)
  • CoinPost (Japan fixer)
  • Matt Matkov, ex-attorney for Kobe Bryant
  • Arthur Jones, creator of Feels Good Man (Pepe Meme Documentary)
  • Jim Toth of Hello Sunshine & CAA (Reece Witherspoon’s husband)
  • Rahilla Zafar of MINTED (NFT documentary)
  • Evan Rosenfeld, Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker (HBO)
  • Bruce Robertson of 11:11 Media (Carter, Paris Hilton’s studio)

Doge Community Ideas

  • Find ways to engage the millions of doge fans out there
  • Raise funds for producer credits similar to ($100k raised for doge statue in Japan with top 11 donors’ names being placed on the statue plaque) - top donor gets interviewed - every name on website or in credits
  • Animation contest for select scenes / intro / outro
  • Align with all doge crypto projects and Dogecoin to support the film
  • Auction a 1/1 Kabosu item from Japan (collar, bandana, footprint)
  • Pleasr House (teased footage on show)
  • Meme makers (competition on to promote the film)



I think this looks great Jon Lynn is extremely professional and talented and I’m looking forward to seeing his cinematic creations come to life.

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I’m in agreement with Smoke. Jon has a great track record and I think it would be great to have him onboard.

On another note I think it’s vital for us to put a lot of emphasis on finding more funding as per the 3:rd goal whilst I see the need to move ahead with this straight away so Jon joins along for the trip to Japan!

As a final comment I think this application is a good example of a good application which gives good overview of what’s being asked for, why, with what goals and what end objective.

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I’m a bit confused tbh.

“1. Bring on Jon Lynn as Director to the Doge Documentary.” Is he not currently the director? Was someone else the director and now Jon is stepping in?

Why doesn’t the film have a director attached? It’s midway through production.

“This will be a full-length, Netflix-level doge documentary”. Does anyone on the team have connections with Netflix? Do we have a distribution network to tap into? IMO that’s one of the most important factors when putting together a filmmaking team.

Looking at the “squad” there are a lot of names being dropped, but who is a distributor? I’d like for it to feel a bit more profesh, and less hypey.

My main concern with this proposal in particular is the cost for the Japan content. What is the $13534 covering exactly? I’d love to see that breakdown before giving a yay/nay.

I agree with Daogeshi, we need to find other sources of funding for this film. As the Executive Producer, this would be Tridog’s responsibility.

Lots of great options to get a film like this financed. I’d like to see them fully explored, and not just rely on the OTD treasury.

I’m sure Jon will do a good job directing the film though. No argument there.


A few questions I had-

Is Tridog the producer of this film in an individual capacity or will it be through OTD. Same with Juan and Pleasr.

Is there a revenue split decided yet? What could be the potential returns for the DAOge if we get featued on any of the big streaming platforms? Something to learn from the Pepe documentary- how well it did, etc?

[I got no idea about behind the screen cinema lol]

I think the community aspect could be huge although relying on them for funding can be a far call. We have seen the difficulty in raising money for other Doge films like Shiba and The Whale specially when the funding requirement is huge. Apart from it a lot of cool stuff can be done w/ the community and I love the ideas above.

All-in-all this seems like a great project and a great opportunity to spread the word about memes, memeconomy, doge and OTD. Jon Lynn is amazing and I am bullish on him.

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ty for the feedback

re: budget breakdown - click the link right below titled “Doge Documentary | 2023 Production Proposal” (i know its a little hard to see hyperlinks in this discourse theme - maybe we can update that)

re: director - we have a production studio capturing essential content to kick off the process (a la our first japan trip) in order to ensure we got to japan to film the Doge with Atsuko in time given her age. through that process and feedback from our advisors it became clear we wanted a stronger storyteller at the helm, thus searching until we felt confident with jon’s passion and vision.

re: distributor - this will be the next step as in 3 months Jon will come on full time to execute on this film for as long as it takes. In the meantime, we are working through the plan for finances, outreach, team, and already have one of the best Hollywood documentary studios ready for a pitch meeting.

re: Netflix and other OTTs, we do have connections, but probably want to attach to a documentary studio first in order to make sure our vision is achieved.

good questions. i’ve prob been a lot less open about this as we solidify the first important steps of necessity interviews and director at the helm, but will plan to drop a video, tweet thread, and press pings after approval here.

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good questions.

1/ im doing this for OTD but would see it through regardless of any changes in the future.

2/ too early to understand revenue exactly as Netflix may buy this outright w/o royalties while other OTTs may allow for royalties - next big step in deciding this is the documentary production house we would bring on as a partner.

3/ agree - much more needs to be fleshed out re: doge community involvement, but im bullish on finding ways for the biggest doge fans to be involved whether that’s interviews, memes, funding, or getting Own The Doge members in the credits.


  1. Can the community get some sneak peaks of Raw Footage in Discord? Maybe a free drop of stills from some of the video captured?
  2. Would this include any type of edit on the already collected footage + new footage captured? Would this produce something we could pitch to studios?
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1/ cool idea - we could def drop sneak peeks to community - open to other community plug ins too

2/ yes, jon will improve his sneak peek, but the sneak peek in the deck above can be used to pitch now

very excited to see this happen…jon’s films from what i’ve seen so far are excellent.

my only input on crowdsourcing for funding based on experience would be to split it in tiers; set amount for mention in credits, another credits and digital copy, etc. that way it’s not biased towards who has the deepest pockets gets on the doc.

community members could submit a short 2-3 minute interview of whatever your call to action is and you could pick from that pile as far as filming others in the short future

memes. definitely memes, hopefully wanwan starts to pick up

also on budget- a good doc is definitely feasible on bare bones if in good paws :paw_prints: :sparkles:


Ah yes, I see the breakdown now. Cool cool.

The accomm we’ve booked is $1500, and its listed here as $1000. Gonna book a different place for them?

TBH I think their ask is a bit much. I’m an artist and always wanna pay artists, but I reckon Jon could find a DoP who would go to Japan to shoot for less than 3k. I guess that’s who he wants to work with, and the rate they want though. Also I reckon if you’re coming on as the director of this project, knowing it’s community funded, and getting a stipend of 2k per month rn, asking for another 2k for this week feels a bit off maybe? Is Jon going to make any content for OTD from the pilgrimage? Short videos for tiktok, twitter, etc? I’d love to see that sort of output detailed in this proposal. Would feel a lot better about his rate for the week.

I think $1000 for food and travel is a bit high, but I’d consider some of it as contingency budget, and maybe it goes toward shared transport/meals for Pilgrims too.

Does the translator/fixer overlap with Pilgrimage usage? Are they wanting to hire someone FT to be with them for the week? And therefore, to be with Pilgrims as well? (except for the one day they’re going to shoot Atsuko and leave Pilgrims in Tokyo)

(also, one of the red highlighted days for Jon to maybe meet Atsuko at her school seems to be a Sunday. Probs no school that day?)

jon is scrappy - i trust he will spend wisely (one example is him staying with a friend for free) and any funds not used will stay with the DAO

we’ll keep him with the pilgrimage as much as possible and can utilize his footage for our recap video

he’ll need a translator for atsuko follow up interview

accomodations will be with us at hotel and he’ll share a room


yeah i like that - more kickstarter style

and community involvement can be anything rn - so open to more ideas there

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the issue with kickstarter style is that is what Shiba and Whale tried to adopt via juicebox and unfortunately didn’t get to create much traction. It was in tiers and everything - which is sad, because i absolutely think it would’ve ripped in 2021.

imo if we do fundraising, there probably has to be components of gamification and expectations of what the fundraisers get out of this. We’re not in the right market where people will feel inclined to send eth to see something cool in return - they want profit and/or recognition.

Everytime we drop an NFT or do some fundraising, it adds another subcommunity that wants you to pump that specific token, unless it’s part of a larger ecosystem. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are two thoughts in mind when i think of the type of fundraising that would work for us:

  1. Using funds in the community fund because i believe this is the type of stuff that should come out of that
  2. Understanding that runway is precious and could have a mix with private funding to give certain credits/equity towards.

agree w/ exploring those two points

i am also exploring adding in some other action items and budget in the next 3 months for:
1/ doge pilgrimage sizzle video and edit
2/ NFT NYC doge doc interview day


Hey team,

Thanks so much for the feedback.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to ask for your support for my involvement for the next three months as director on An Underdoge Story (new working title). This has moved incredibly fast and I have worked moonlight hours to get my foot in the door. A few responsibilities I’m currently tasked to are: video editing, video prep and storage (master drive of all documentary footage shot), creative writing and design of directors treatment, Directing, creative writing towards actual documentary film, producing pilgrimage production, B camera operated during the pilgrimage, producing outreach to my network of film industry folks and beyond, and future pitches and legal discussions.

The Doge Pilgramage and three months of me working P/T are crucial to keep the ball rolling on the film. Every aspect of the budget for the pilgrimage is below industry standard rates. I am moving a week’s worth of booked work to make this happen. To add more responsibilities to that scope outside of documentary filming will be tough to justify. I’m open to brainstorming ideas to make this work!

High five,



Since this overlaps with the pilgrimage, I think there should be some tie in, maybe:

  1. Interviews with Julia, Gary, and Bad Luck Brian and other pilgrims.
  2. Sizzle reel of the pilgrimage to promote next trip
  3. 5 part tik tok insta series (5 videos, 60 seconds or less each) around the community member that got the free trip (Think Mr. Beast)

Question: how many hours are expected to be spent working on editing the clips from the trip/previously captured footage? I think one gap on our team is that we don’t realize how much time goes into editting.

Thank you!


working on how to best tie these in with jon OR someone less expensive who’s close to his quality - will report back and update proposal if poss

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update posted - see top of proposal above

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