Supply Redistribution Plan

With agreement from PleasrDAO, we can propose a final token allocation schedule.

Please note that all percentages are approximate at time of writing and may slightly differ when it comes to execution.

The current supply looks something like this:
PleasrDAO - 45%
Community LP - 5%
Community DAO - 22%
Individual holders - 28%

When DOG was created, PleasrDAO owned 100% of the supply. This is a difficult position to fairly remove yourself from. They have recently transferred the LP to the community, and have now made other heavy concessions such that the supply becomes fairly distributed over time. Their supply allocations are listed below. Please note all percentages are approximate and may differ in reality by ±1%.

PleasrDAO is pledging 7% of the supply to airdrops. This will be transferred to the community DAO for distribution in the next two years.

PleasrDAO is pledging 7% of the supply to proportional redistribution, an alternative to burning. This will also be transferred to the community DAO for future distribution. No date is yet set for redistribution.

PleasrDAO is pledging 20% will be placed into LP positions. The structure and rules are as follows:

1). PleasrDAO will at no point sell tokens directly into the market.

2). PleasrDAO will create nine different ranged pools, in addition to their single existing pool. These ranges will exceed well past the ATH of the DOG token.

3). A pool will only be removed once the price has fully exceeded the range of the pool and reached the midpoint of the next pool. The midpoint would be equivalent to 1.5x the top of the previous range. For example, the current range, which caps at 400,000 dog per eth (0.0000025 eth per dog), would be removed when the price reaches 266,666 dog per eth (0.00000375 eth per dog). This rule is in place so that liquidity removals have no immediate impact on the market, and may not be felt at all. The idea is to only sell tokens as the price increases, while facilitating buying with the same liquidity while the price is in that range.

800,000 DOG per ETH → 400,000 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

400,000 DOG per ETH → 200,000 DOG per ETH, 3% supply, 0.3% fee

200,000 DOG per ETH → 100,000 DOG per ETH, 3% supply, 0.3% fee

(current ATH is here)

100,000 DOG per ETH → 50,000 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

50,000 DOG per ETH → 25,000 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

25,000 DOG per ETH → 12,500 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

12,500 DOG per ETH → 6,250 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

6250 DOG per ETH → 3125 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

3125 DOG per ETH → 1562.5 DOG per ETH, 2% supply, 0.3% fee

At this point we are 10% of ETH’s market cap, and can consider our job done.

This distribution of liquidity over a huge range, and the rules laid out here, create a slow but fair way for pleasrDAO to exit some of their remaining position without severe market impact. It is also conditional on the success of the token price, and facilitates liquidity far beyond what the community LP could achieve on its own.

9.85% of the supply will be locked for 4 years. This is intended to be kept by PleasrDAO for its long term holdings and use in the future.

1% of the supply will be donated to Atsuko Sato.

My proposal, as head of tokenomics, is that the community DAO pledges to match these allocations to the best of our ability:

Another 1% of the supply will be donated to Atsuko Sato.

4% of the supply will be used for airdrops. Please note that all individually mentioned airdrop methods are not set in stone and will be adjusted as best judged by the council.

Another 4% will be used for proportional redistribution.

6% of the supply will be used for future LP requirements, such as new cross chain pools. This is in addition to the LP we already manage, as was given to us by PleasrDAO. This may continue to be managed by us by our discretion to create the best liquidity environment for DOG.

5% of the supply may be used for OTC sales. This is in an effort to bootstrap strategic investors, swap tokens with other collaborating projects, or to create liquid runway for the team. All tokens sold this way will be subject to a vesting or lockup schedule.

3% of the supply is reserved. This can be used for future giveaways, and other discretionary use, such as future team payments. All tokens paid to the team this way will be subject to a minimum 1y lock or vesting schedule to avoid the previous problem of bleeding the LP.

In total, these agreements allocate the remaining 68% of the supply. After all steps are completed, the two DAOs would, for discretionary use, own an absolute maximum of just 16% of the supply.

Overall, the supply would look like this:

OTC & LP - 36%
PleasrDAO - 10%
Community DAO - 3%

Atsuko - 2%

Airdropped - 22% (5% Base, 5% TBD, 11% proportional redistribution on our L2, 1% our L2 airdrop)
Existing holders - 27%

I lay out an approximate roadmap for these distributions below:




DAOGE sends 1% to Atsuko

PleasrDAO sends 1% to Atsuko

DAOGE deploys 3% LP on Base. As with other community LPs, this is not for the profit of the DAO but for the good of the DOG holder community at large and will not be moved unless best judged by myself and the council.

  • 63% unallocated, 63% undistributed


Pleasr locks 10% for 4 years.

Pleasr creates pools to sell 20% of the supply.

Pleasr dedicates 14% of the supply to airdrops & redistribution.
DAOGE dedicates 8% of the supply to airdrops & redistribution.

DAOGE announces 3% reserved supply, remaining 3% future LP and 5% OTC sales in a roadmap that outlines all supply allocations and plans.

Base campaign is underway. This includes a multi-tiered airdrop, totalling 5-6% of the supply.

  • Fully allocated, 58% undistributed


DAOGE sells 2.5% OTC, bootstrapping strategic investors.

TBD airdrop campaign; 4-5% airdropped. (this is a tentative number)

  • 50.5% undistributed


DAOGE sells another 2.5% OTC.

We plan to launch a doge print/”megapixel” around this time.

  • 48% undistributed


Dogechain launches as an alt-DA L2 built on the optimism stack; we bootstrap new users by airdropping at least 1% of the supply here.

We also use the low fee environment to equally redistribute DOG to all addresses proportional to their balance, using 11% of the supply. This is our alternative to burning. Note this will have a price impact; we can look at potential mitigations closer to the time.

The additional 3% future LP will have been assigned use at this point.

  • 33% undistributed


Wet Doge is launched to incentivize community LP providers, strengthening liquidity.
This involves Atsuko minting a picture of Kabosu being showered, from the early days of her blog. This image is then fractionalized. The tokens can then be earned by supplying infinite range DOG-ETH to sushiswap. They have a contract that allows us to supply wet doge as an incentive token to these LPers. It is ‘mined’ by them in real time as they provide LP. You can ‘earn’ a provenance coin this way.

  • 33% undistributed


  • 33% undistributed. 20% or less exists in Pleasr’s pools, depending on how much has sold. After the completion of this plan, the remaining 13% may be used to the discretion of PleasrDAO and the community DAO. This amount is our end goal.

This plan of redistribution is designed, with experience and historical cases in mind, to allocate the supply in ways that strengthen the project both financially and socially. I am happy to elaborate further on this if necessary. Planned airdrop amounts may be split to different destinations as decided by the DIC; additional products like the L2, megapixels and Wet Doge may be iterated on and changed as is best seen fit.

We should hold an on-chain snapshot vote to see if the community agrees with the general outline of this plan.


Excellent plan, would like to discuss further amongst the council regarding advanced strategy and budgeting for dogechain and prospective advancements that could coincide that endeavor;

As well as the future vision for the community fund as it pertains to grants, initiatives and team building

Otherwise fully supportive of the masterful Pleasr reallocation which places a heavy focus on the longterm health and strength of $DOG


good ideas in general, i disagree with airdropping Atsuko over 300M $DOG tokens though. She was already paid handsomely for the sale of the picture, why give her extra tokens that she will most likely sell into the open market? At the very least they should have a vesting schedule, but I would be in favor of removing that choice entirely


This is an excellent plan. I especially love the ranged pool idea which shall help Pleasr offboard without much impact. We have already seen a positive impact on DOG since the recent changes led by Path and this roadmap makes me feel great about the future of the DAO.

Wet Doge is an interesting concept which I would love to know more about.

Bullish Path!


incredibly well written and thought through, @path, amazing jawb helping us bring Doge to the people


without Atsuko we wouldn’t be here…

i think having Atsuko hold DOG tokens strengthens the project’s alignment with doing the right thing and supporting the provenance/genesis of Doge through uplifting the IRL Doge (Kabosu) and Atsuko as the owner and photographer.

Atsuko also donated a lot (if not all) of the original NFT sales

She’s also been paying top dollar to support Kabo’s health through this difficult last 12 months

And we would def make sure there would be minimal tokenomics impact


if she needs funds to save Kabosu, then lets help with a fund raise. what we cant do is to free up 300M tokens to be dumped on the market, after the vast majority of holders have been severely underwater. And if they will be vesting involved, then, it wont help much with the health of Kabosu

Atsuko’s tokens are planned to be locked or vested.


Great plan and breakdown reallocating a significant amount of the supply, Path. This solves an optics problem and an liquidity problem; long term and short.

Re Atsuko, agree if she is locked or vested, would assuage concerns of potential size hitting the market. Another positive for me regarding her 2% allocation, from a tactical and defensive lens is, she is less incentivized to move outside our ecosystem and work on adjacent projects. If she were to, could see dilution in some form.

Thank you DIC Council for all your hard work.


Great overview, all game.


I advocate for using some creative ways to stagger the planned Q3 airdrop and introducing randomness to the timing of the airdrop. I prefer there not be an 11% supply distribution at once.

Maybe some kind of interaction or community participation metric could be used to determine how early or late a wallet receives an airdrop.


This is good feeback - we’ll consider this :slight_smile:


Nice work @path! I like it and taking account for the feedback here it all sounds good. Has my vote.

How will this affect Pixel holders though? I wish I could participate in liquidity and all this as a pixel holder but that didn’t seem clear to me if I should be holding pixels or DOG, or how I could help in this regard. I currently have all pixels and nearly no $DOG :sweat_smile:

Maybe I should split the difference and provide liquidity instead. I’ll think on it but either way this has my vote. I should drop in an upcoming call. I have a lot of thoughts on liquidity and community building. Would love to chat.


we’re going to be redeploying the pixel portal on base sometime in the next couple of months. it will make it far cheaper to use - we’ll include instructions at the time.

send me a DM on twitter if you have any other questions!


Loving this direction. My only concern is that 1% allocated to L2 airdrop won’t be enough to attract any significant TVL, devs, and users to the L2 chain Are there any plans to incentivize activity on the L2, esp in competition vs other L2 projects bootstrapping via airdrop?


It’s very much still in development, but I can promise you we won’t make it underwhelming :slight_smile:


Awesome, looking forward to what you guys are cooking up!

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Now this is putting your money where your mouth is. Love the plan.


Sounds good, let’s rock it! :yum: :dog:

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Community Snapshot vote: