$DOG L2 Airdrop

This proposal is to suggest an airdrop of DOG to users of a new L2. My suggestion would be BASE, or alternatively Shibarium, which launches on the 16th of August.

First, we would scrape a list of active addresses on the selected chain. As they are EVMs, this is trivial. This would give us the number of people to include in the airdrop. We may filter by some criteria, such as the address having interacted with a dex, to avoid dropping to bots or farmers.

We can use this number to work out exactly how much to drop to each person. I would suggest everyone is given the same amount, and that it is sent directly to them. The total amount of DOG dropped can be adjusted based on who we decide to drop to and how much we want each of them to have; but I would suggest ~5% of the supply. If the amount dropped to each person is relatively small, it is less likely they will dump it and more likely they will check out the project & keep it to see if it grows. It may be worth asking PlsrDAO for help supplying DOG as they would benefit if the drop was successful.

Then, we would need to bridge DOG to this chain. We may need a developer’s advice for this, but typically the process is only an application. Depending on how new the chain is, the infrastructure may not exist yet.

Finally, with the token bridged over and the list of addresses & amounts decided, we can drop the token to the addresses. This is very easy to do through a multi send contract, which is a very simple contract. It likely exists on the chain already, but if not, it should not be too difficult to deploy one. There may be some gas costs involved here, but I would not anticipate them to be more than 1 eth. We should however deploy an LP for DOG on this chain beforehand, if only to give a guide price to potential traders; this may require 10 eth & the equivalent in DOG. If there is volume, people will arbitrage the LP and we will not have to worry about supplying more.

A case study for this is BONK. BONK, a dog themed token, dropped on Solana to hundreds of thousands of users, for very little cost, and was a hit success with high trading volumes.

One of my projects, Angry Doge, also ran an airdrop recently. This was targeted at close communities and active traders. While it did see an initial spike in price and volume, it did not catch on; it is more likely to do so in a low-gas & new environment.

If successful, the airdrop could make several hundred thousand users aware of DOG, and may have a viral effect on the idea, community and price. It may also open up a partnership with the destination L2.

I would like some feedback from the community for this. If numbers are agreed upon, we can complete the process in about a week. The primary capital cost is DOG, but as that is something we have in abundance, this is one of the best ways of utilising it. I am capable of the majority of technical requirements and am not requesting any funding; the only non-recoverable amount would be gas spent on transactions.


I am 100% in support of this proposal and available to help in any way needed, LFD

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I agree with every word on this page

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I too am 100% in support of this effort. Thank you for the thoughtful proposal, Path.

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im generally a fan of helping grow DOG holders/community on other chains