DOG deck & OTC round

This topic is to suggest the creation of a pitch deck for DOG, and the opening of an OTC sale of DOG from the treasury. The aim would be to attract strategic investors and raise money for the treasury. We should also collaborate with PlsrDAO on this matter, as it may be of interest to them.

I would suggest the deck is designed by community members, for example, whoever has created the main website; I apologise for not knowing who this is. They would be compensated $500 from the treasury. The website’s theme is simple and could accommodate the information we need to fit in a deck easily. We may ask PlsrDAO for some pointers on what information to include, as well as any legal issues. I can also assist with the deck.

The deck should include a history of what the community has done so far, such as the pilgrimage, pixel portal and documentary, as well as other incubated projects and the system around them that makes them possible. It should include a financial comparison, both to other famous artworks and tokens, explaining that it fits a niche between these two markets that captures both of them in a legitimate way. It should also focus on the virality of doge, its provenance in this project, and how this alone is enough for success. This could be completed in about a month.

I would suggest 5% of the total DOG supply (~850m) as an allocation for this round. This still leaves the treasury with significant DOG, as well as enough for any future rounds should this one be successful. The amount should be sold below market price ($0.0006 per token) with a vesting time (6mo cliff + 1y vest). However, it’s important the community agrees on these numbers.

This would raise $510,000, giving the treasury significant runway for the foreseeable future and even allowing it to fund more proposals.

We should aim to find investors who would be able to publicly support the project. There are many investors in the community who love the idea of memecoins, but are hesitant to support them because of shady practices; tokens with provenance, such as DOG, are the antithesis and solution to this problematic market. I would personally be able to make connections to many people who I believe would be interested in this opportunity. I am not requesting any payment for this.

If we are able to partner strategically with investors, we may be able to spread awareness of DOG through the crypto community more easily. Many people love the concept of the token without realizing it exists; it is a much more wholesome and sincere version of many existing tokens. Bootstrapping the right set of investors at the right time in this market cycle would propel DOG into the limelight, where it belongs; it is tragically undervalued as is.


Didn’t read. I agree with everything path wrote.


Great thoughts Path; I will be sure to provide you with all docs that we have created that could be of value such as our Brand bible, medium articles, white paper, Pilgrimage retro, analytics breakdowns etc; I definitely agree that with strategic holdoors in place, Own The Doge will thrive.


Also agree. v2 ground floor opportunity ~ timing seems excellent for this.

Wholesome, Grassroots, Organic, Native.

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Sounds :brain: :muscle:
The is a concrete underlying which is getting more and more value… the roadmap is simple: :dog:

Read the draft and it’s a good initiative for the greater good of meme culture…what’s best then bridging two best doge communities via dog deck OTC deal

It’s a no brainer. Make it happen. Only thing I would query is the fee for the web dev to update the site, etc I’d probs budget more than $500 for that.


Love the idea, who would lead the investor rounds and has that level of connecs?

I like the plan… seems like a perfect time to do this too. LFD

I would be able to reach out to at least a few dozen people in my network, I have successfully helped find investors for many other projects in this space (Artizen, bubblehouse, uqbar to name a few). If Plsr helped I am sure we could reach many more than that!


I think I worded it a little confusingly, apologies - the $500 is just for the design of the deck, I was not proposing to update the site. I meant that the site design would be perfect to copy over for the deck :slight_smile:

In that case I’m all game :sunglasses:

another OTC option -