Shining Doge at NFT London presented by LightItUpDAO 🎥

Shining Doge at NFT London presented by LightItUpDAO :movie_camera:


Shining Doge requests funding to bring projections to NFT London.

What has LightItUpDAO accomplished so far?

LightItUpDAO has been hard at work for the last 8 months doing captivating projections of the Various NFT projects around the U.S! Some of the events and places we have done art projection installations at include:

  • NFT NYC 2022 1 night
  • Every Friday in the RINO Art district in Denver for 2.5 months leading up to NFT NYC
  • Las Vegas strip including the Aria and Ceasers Palace
  • FutureShape 360 NFT Conference in Denver, 3 nights
  • Crypto Connect & NFT Expo in Palm Beach, 2 days
  • MCON2 by Metacartel in Denver , 2 days
  • MCON Closing party, Gave out pizza for FoodNouns with PizzaDAO alongside projections

Why bring Shining Doge to London ?

There is a going to be lots of speaker panels happening and I believe this will stir alot of conversations and discussions. Having large projections for guests to see after hearing panels will solidify a commanding presence for the $DOG pack at the conference! This will provide a huge oppurtunity for guests that are captivated by the art to share it on social media. I will work with different artists to showcase a variety of styles and provide exposure for those artists within the $DOG pack!

It is expected that a lot of collectors and builders will be at this event. Because of the size of these projections, a large amount of people will see them, which creates a realtable talking point regarding the Doge Community. Providing the oppurtunity for a lot of connections to be made with and for the $DOG Pack community.


We will perform projections inside the Conference and surrounding areas, as well as iconic famous places around London!
One place that comes to mind is the Battersea power station, a decomissioned power station now home to 20 bars, restaurants, shops, entertainment and leisure facilities. A hot spot, with lots of foot traffic!

There is a lot of great spots for projections around London. A lot of people attending this event will be staying at the Marriot Hotel. There is a large food collective (pictured below) that is walking distance from the Hotel. With a quite a few great projection oppotiunities in this area.


I am requesting funding for travel to & from for me and my team member, accommodations, projection equipment rentals, and some amount for the hours spent doing projections and creating content around those installations at NFT London. This will cover myself and one install assistant. I will need to rent a vehicle to travel to different spots around the city for installations. I will also need to rent the projection equipment, including a generator in town in London. Shining Doge is asking for events costs of 9.5 ETH total

With this being a pivotal ETH event and having some many attendees , I feel like Doge projections will add a key element of engagment for the on the ground presence of the $DOG pack at NFT London. We will work hard to make sure to get these projections in videos and interviews! Thank you Bark Tank for your consideration! Pictured below is a Vegas projection.

Shining Doge:



this is a cool idea. ive seen this work in fun ways in NYC and could get my fren to comment on this. i think we could prob tighten up the cost. projectors are a few hundred (could be wrong - but seen on amazon). also, would love thots on how to tie back to @ownthedoge beyond just a giant doge head haha.

also, what type of content will be captured? and where will it be shared?

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Thank you!

Our projectors are more high tech than the average consumer grade projector and are on the border of commercial grade projectors. The one we will travel with is a 4,000 Lumen projector that provides a high quality projection installation. This quality cannot be achieved with an average amazon projector.

Here is a rough breakdown of costs for myself and team member

  • Flights : 2 eth
  • Hotel : 1.6
  • Car and Generator rental + Gas : 1 eth
  • Food/ Misc expenses : 1
  • Camera gear rental : .42 eth
  • Projector rental from DAO : 1 eth ( This goes into treasury of LightItUpDAO to support spontaneous projections and day to day operations of the DAO)
  • 2 NFT London tickets : .82 eth

The remaining 1.66 eth being asked for will go towards hours spent working on projections, content creation and social media engagement using the content gathered. We will take videos and pictures and put together a video compilation. This content will be shared on Twitter, Discord, Tik Tok, and if allowed, on all the OwnTheDoge social media accounts.
I am open to discussing what we are asking for as payment for hours worked projecting, but the other costs listed are not as flexible.

I would like to work with artists within the OwnTheDoge community to come up with a group of impactful designs and artwork to debut at NFT London! I think this will gain a lot of traction across social media as we share new, never before seen artwork. This will drive engagement and conversation towards the OwnTheDoge name because we will have the artists include the name in all artwork.

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Love your drive and think that It’s really cool that you work closely with NounsDAO; I’m not sure where you’re located but since a lot of funding is needed for international travel I’d be interested to see a second plan priced out that is based at a popular event closer to where you live. I love your idea about working with artists within our community to come up with impactful designs that represent our brand and I’m interested to hear more.


Yes i could write up something for events here in the states where i am located, it would essentially almost cut the costs in half. I think that an installation at Art Basel this year could be as effective as NFT London for about 6 eth as travel and Airbnb costs would potentially be a bit less but would till need all the rentals and travel costs with that install. I can perform a local installation in the city of Denver for around 3 eth! Let me know your thoughts guys, thanks!


I’m of the perspective that the impact and value is to small for the community and that we therefore should consider not funding this project. I believe we can find better ways to use our funds. The only way I could see this being worthwhile for us is of the price would come down to about 3-4eth at most.

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ideally we can talk about this financially in terms of DOG / USD - so its clear what will be paid out, how it is vested, and what the form of payment is

agree this could be tighter in terms of funding and would like to see more interaction in the community in order to feel comfy supporting (come on a community call to talk about your work // cc @Smoke)

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