Own The Doge to WebX Asia

Brief- $1400 in $DOG to cover Flight and Stay expenses in Tokyo from July 24th to 28th for Shubh

About me:

Henlo frens, I am Shubh, the face behind your favorite Twitter account. I have been an active member of the DAO and have my shoes in all pods be it community, barketing or governance. I am an elected multisigner, I manage OTD twitter, run OTD medium and chip into some behind the scenes for our partnerships and woof weekly calls.


WebX Asia is Asia’s biggest web3 conference happening in Tokyo from July 25th - 26th. We have got free entry tickets and an invite for a Panel Discussion presenting us an amazing opportunity to help spread the $DOG lore in a land not so unknown. The Doge Pilgrimage, which I was a part of, proved there is enough potential for $DOG in Kabosu’s origin place. Kabosu is expected to be at the conference along with Atsuko making the stars aligned for a perfect Own The Doge pitch.

Website- https://webx-asia.com/?


My ask is for $1400 in $DOG which will be sufficient to cover my flights and stay. I also plan on taking some Doge swag like stickers, business cards, pamphlets, etc to the conference. Even though the amounts are tentative, here is the expected breakdown-

$850 - Flights and Visa

$200- Stay for 5 nights in a student dorm

$120- Meals

$80- Doge swag

$150- Transportation


I will attend the Panel Discussion and be our $DOG rep for the entire duration of the 2 day conference. Over 15,000 attendees are expected from over 50 countries. Amongst the 200 expected speakers, it would be an honor to be one and educate people about our project. We might also have access to some VIP after events giving me an extended opportunity to spread the word about our project.

My target will be to spread awareness, funneling a minimum of 420 people into our ecosystem, increasing $DOG holders by doing learn-to-earn giveaways and build impactful relationships which shall benefit the project going forward.

Apart from that, I will meet with the Bronze Foundry to check status and updates on Bronze The Doge initiative (contingent on their availability). I will make sure to capture the most of it and bring back a good retro.


*Request- For me, a visa is necessary before entering Japan which takes 10 days so time is of the essence. Hit me up directly for any clarifications or through comments below and I will respond ASAP.


LOVE seeing our community get out and spread the word about Own The Doge!

I think this is a drop in the bucket with WebX giving you a free ticket (~$400 value), hosting a meetup with Atsuko/Doge, and checking in with the Doge statue folks – all the while capturing photos/video and sharing updates with the community.

I will also work to plug you into my panel slot bc I won’t be able to make it to Japan this time.

LFD! Make sure to share your content schedule while there and results afterward.

Also, use @gainormather’s QR code to give 69 $DOG away.


LFD this will be a valuable trip on many levels and I am a Shubh maxi, well worth it imo


In support! Would be great to have someone there alongside Kabosu & Atsuko! Should definitely use the QR code for giving out free DOG!


Give out free $DOG + see if you can do anything helpful for the statue, you may need to stay 1 more night + a trip to another city tho.


Timing doesn’t make sense to get statue updates. We’re doing a zoom with the foundry and Atsuko this weekend (July 15th) and then the next milestone is going over there to see the fullsize clay statues, probs in September.

Is WebX fine for you to speak at the panel in place of Tridog?

If not speaking on a panel, how will your impact be felt? One-on-one conversations with participants at the event? I’m a little sceptical of “funnelling 420 people into our ecosystem”. I’m not convinced you’ll have the opportunity to do so, and also unsure how this metric would be measured/verified.

$1400 isn’t much money in the scheme of things, so I’m happy to support, since everyone else is, but apart from getting an OTD rep on the ground at this conference, I’m not sure about the value this proposal brings to the DAO and $DOG holders. Is having a representative at an event enough to warrant a spend? We can test this out with your WebX proposal maybe. See how measurable the funnelling is.


I agree with @SaladPingers on a lot of his points. I’m actually very much in favor of this proposal, but the deliverables can be a little more concrete.

I think it’s way more of a great content/marketing/awareness opportunity, as you described, but we need better KPIs. So getting great pictures of the event with interesting people and you on stage would boost our socials well. Can you prepare better metrics of what content you can promise on and how many impressions you hope to drive with said content?


Yes, agree on clearer KPIs - @nottyboy420 would love to have you come back with a google doc and plan of action while on the ground so its clear how the project will get an ROI from this. You can put this in the comments or edit the main draft. We def also want a report back to see if you were able to execute successfully. I’m happy to help guide you on the outcomes.

Overall, I’d like to see something around:

  • content to capture (talk to @jonlynnjonlynn too)
  • tweet/social schedule - 1 post per day on various socials is prob fine - maybe 2-3 on twitter
  • number of people at your panel talk with a CTA like - go to this URL to claim 69 $DOG for a limited time + talking points drafted in order to doge pill them
  • swag you can bring with or stickers w/ qr code that goes back to DOG to give out to attendees as you network (+ use dad’s qr code)
  • other creative ways to get more people in the know about OTD and DOG

shiiiiiiiiillllllllll! jk :rofl: FULL SEND ON SHUBH :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thankyou for the support and feedback everyone.

@DogeKing I had a chat with Salad and everything is going smooth on Bronze The Doge end. I will stay in touch with him if there is anything needed from me on ground as I have a buffer of 1 day to do the needful.

Being besides Atsuko and Kabosu and a participant in the conference will give immense opportunities to collect great content for the documentary and OTD Socials. I will ensure to make the best out of it. Using dad’s QR code to give out free $DOG is a great idea and I plan on taking Doge swag with me, where the QR could be printed.

I will set time aside this week to connect with @gainormather on best ways to use the QR and if possible try and get a way of gating larger $DOG payouts with questions [learn-to-earn]. Will also sync up with @jonlynnjonlynn to see in ways I can help with The Doge Documentary.

@SaladPingers Tridog is trying to get me on the panel and even if it does not work, the content we can get from the conference will be the king. Hearing about Doge Pilgrimage, Doge Documentary, Bronze the Doge and ultimately getting to Own The Doge using dad’s QR would definitely excite people. Videos for reels, leveraging other people’s socials by asking to retweet, sneaking in a Doge Lisa, wearing OTD themed merch and a lot more I will gather from discussing with the team regarding their experiences in IRL conferences. I agree this could be an experiment, but with Doge being there and our relation with Atsuko, I look at this as an opportunity.

@zona I agree. Great photos can boost our socials. Here is an estimate on what I could deliver from there-

2 Tweets a day updating people about our presence and experience there.
Content worth making atleast 4 reels for Tiktok and Instagram.
A lot of this content can funnel to other socials like Reddit and Threads as well.

With this, expecting 30k impressions across platforms seems achievable.


This is very awesome @nottyboy420 100% in favor. Im gathering various ideas with consideration of your bandwidth there. Let’s sync before this week ends.

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