Bid on Doge Couch

1. Overview
DAOge should bid up to 6.9 ETH (to attempt to win) the Doge Couch NFT that’ll be auctioned on PleasrHouse Feb 7-8.

2. Proposed use of grant
Bid and win the NFT/couch. Plan of what to do with the couch in the future is not planned out yet. Perhaps loan to a museum or exhibit. But the Doge DAO NOT at least putting their hat in the ring wouldn’t make sense.

3. Experience
PleasrDAO has worked with Atsuko Sato to deliver the couch whenever the NFT is redeemed.

4. Timeline
Once approved by the DIC, we would start bidding during the 24 hour auction starting Feb 7 until we’re outbid over 6.9eth. Either through the hotdaoge (which would need to convert DOG to ETH first) or an ETH loan from the DAOge, whichever ends up being more convenient.

5. Other Thoughts


Flat out agree 169%

Another idea would be to make a replica for a bronze casting and bronze the couch. Bronze Kabosu deserves to be perched on her throne permanently


Shouldn’t even be a question. LFD!


21 ETH a solid outcome, wow