Bid on "Woman Yelling at Cat" Meme NFT

1. Overview
DAOge should bid up to 6.9 ETH (to attempt to win) the "Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme NFT currently up for auction. Woman Yelling at a Cat | Foundation

2. Proposed use of grant
Bid and win the meme NFT. Plan of what to do with the NFT in the future is not planned out yet. But $DOG being backed by other memes is a very fun concept and on-brand with our ethos to support other memes.

3. Experience
This token was created by Unchain Charity Foundation with the support of Ukrainian PR community, Taylor Armstrong (the woman in the meme) and Smudge the Cat (the cat in the meme). Proceeds are going to Taylor, Smudge and charity.

4. Timeline
Once approved by the DIC, we would start bidding right away. Either through the hotdaoge (which would need to convert DOG to ETH first) or an ETH loan from the DAOge, whichever ends up being more convenient.

5. Other Thoughts

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We got outbid, so the 6.9 ETH was sent back to the DAOge treasury. But it was a fun ride!