Partnership (Add Feedback by 12/20/22)

- Overview

Proposed marketing partnership with KnowYourMeme at a cost of $42,000, with $25,000 paid up front in USD and $17,000 (USD Value) in $DOG paid at the end of the campaign. The main thrust of this proposal is to cement The Doge NFTs legacy on the ultimate meme website for all of eternity, which we can reference for years to come.

-Background on KnowYourMeme

KnowYourMeme ( is the world’s largest internet culture encyclopedia and comedy brand online with over 50M people. KnowYourMeme is dedicated to documenting and explaining the origins, history and evolution of the viral internet.

Hot facts about KYM:

  • “Wikipedia of Memes”
  • Authenticated The Doge NFT when auctioned by Atsuko to PleasrDAO
  • ~14M views on their Doge page: Doge | Know Your Meme
  • ~4M followers across Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, IG

Proposed use of $DOG grant

The key aspects of this marketing drive would be:

KYM Will:

  1. Provide editorial on the history of the Doge NFT with pixel portal embedded into the article;
    Editorial Page: Editorial | Know Your Meme

  2. Feature article in Meme Insider + cover including interviews;



  5. 1 post on the KYM and Meme Insider Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote the Meme Insider issue + 1 post to promote the KYM content on KYM Twitter and Facebook accounts;

  6. Create Short video on the NFT published to YouTube, Insta, Facebook, TikTok explaining The Doge NFT project, the world’s most fun DAOge and in the top 5 most expensive photos ever sold;

  7. KYM will Join as a guest on one Woof Weekly Community Call to discuss KYM, Doge Meme, and meme authentication.

  8. Allow Doge NFT to suggest edits as project progresses to keep editorial up to date and relevant

Pixel Perks
7. Providing 169 issues of Meme Insider for the Doge NFT community.

  • Timeline
    All content posted within 2 months of payment.

My preliminary feedback:

  1. Would need Vesting for $DOG/Swaps to reduce price impact
  2. Might consider smaller activation to start to judge/measure impact
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overall im bullish on enhancing our profile on the wikipedia of memes w/ content, socials, and pixel portal embed = strong SEO play

i would like to see them break the payment up or consider vesting as well

after we compile feedback from community we can do one more round of feedback

good to note this proposal has already had a few rounds of feedback and price was negotiated down from ~$60k

looking forward to hearing more feedback to get doge the best deal possible

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I agree with this feedback. I do think this would be a massive partnership/sponsorship that is on-brand and legitimizes Own the Doge above all other meme coins/projects that will pay dividends over a long time. However, there needs to be a better payment schedule:

  1. To pay overtime that’s either milestone based and/or
  2. More linear vesting over a longer timespan to mitigate price impact.

KYM needs to own some pixels though!!


We wanna see this as in investment in our relationship with KYM. If we do this, we wanna become close frens with them.

I’d love to see the deal include more than one editorial/video, and I like the idea of trickling/vesting the payment.

Maybe over 4 months, they do one activation (editorial/video) each month and get paid 6k each month, and we have a clause that we can end the arrangement after any month.

Would love to get a KYM rep in Dog Pack Telegram or something so they know what we’re doing and can pump our events/launches.


Another idea I like is having a reoccurring set of activations for a longer period of time


Agree with this Zona.

I think that at least 25-50% of the $17k in DOG will need to be held for 12-18 months in pixels. Can work with KYM to get them an ENS like knowyourmemeofficial, KYMPixelVault, or something like that. Have them put their ENS somewhere on the website to verify.


good idea - KYM should have a vested interest and take part of the community bc ultimately this would benefit them…$25k upfront seems steep, considering their website is wildly outdated and their publications seem to be on the backend instead of a feature. my 2 cents


Hmm. I think this is a somewhat good idea yeah, but it’s a tired looking site and the proposed deal does seem steep.

Perhaps some further partnerships with some outfits more hip’er? idk maybe these guys as example

I would be inclined to go with something a bit cheaper with monetary deal like zona’s.


I am all for the collaboration with KYM, since they are part of the “history” but not just now. If I understand correctly we would receive:

  • an article under “editorial”, but not the actual page memes/thedogenft
  • promotion through their social media

They have quite lagre TikTok and FB accounts (1.5M) while twitter and instagram are a bit lacking behing. The promotion on such accounts is good obviously, but I do not think macro now is favourable to be spending that much for above.

For start I would love to see the paragraph here: Doge | Know Your Meme. I think this it all that matters for now.

  • original picture minted as nft
  • bought by Pleasr for 4M, which is the 3rd most expensive photo…
  • fractionalized
  • pixel portal

Not too long and not overly complicated. This would put us in the history, since the project would be featured on the most famous meme encyclopedia in the most famous meme article.

For editorials, meme insiders and other promotion… The time will come.


Great feedback , I think these are very good points

Here is some additional notes for this partnership proposal:

Here’s the announcement of the original NFT sale, which included a video message from Atsuko: Original Doge NFTs Authenticated By Know Your Meme Set To Be Auctioned Off This Week | Know Your Meme

Additionally, we did a partnership with Neverthink which included a magazine cover and interview in Meme Insider:

And a similar partnership with Patrick Stanley from Freehold: Rise Of The Memers: How The Cryptocurrency Community Freehold Plans To Use The Power Of Memes To Benefit Their Creators | Know Your Meme