Create a Community Twitter Account?

Just spitballing here, is our official twitter too distracting? i.e., would some community events/activations/CTAs be better to be announced/broadcasted out of a separate community twitter account?

i think therefore our official account can focus on posting more important updates and not getting content buried by “less impactful” posts.

i think we do a good job on comms but seems overwhelming. i think once we have pods it might be even more beneficial for a standalone community account to do the more day-to-day community activation posts. post danker memes too, perhaps let other community members help run it too. And OTD account can always rt the bangers. might make it feel like the ecosystem is expanding.

for example, i’m nervous we’re telling people to put just as much importance and attention to, say, meme monday than entering our $6000 community doge pilgrimage raffle. not our intention, but gives the official account less “juice” when you see it post.

curious how everyone else thinks. is OTD twitter fine as it is now, or does it need a supporting community account to “breathe”?


maybe we can find some benchmarks or twitter strategist opinions

i def think its a lot to keep up with personally, BUT it also may get us a lot of eyeballs and twitter has been working really well for us this quarter

could also consider what needs to be shared on twitter vs discord/tg/etc

or even automate a discord community announcements to twitter thang, if necessary

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It’d probably only cut about 20% of the posts that come out of the official OTD account, which might be enough to keep eyes on the more important posts.

But for the minor CTAs to show up to certain events could be perfect for a community centered account instead.

I’ve got rose colored glasses on this topic because i see all the comms coming out of the OTD account, but curious what other “casual” followers think. Too much fluff? not enough space/time between posts? content just right? need more information/education on our project rather than just memes? hard to tell for me until getting an honest look from the outside.

twitter strategist would be cool.

I like this idea a lot, very cool!

sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of repetitive threads but that’s because i have alerts on and see everything :joy: i shared some new apps with smoke that could help with content and easily put some of the threads in video w/ clickable links…but that’s just me as a non-twitter reader

example i made :point_down:

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this is really cool! and cute examples. i like it a lot.

yea sometimes repetitive is ok (for educational threads for new followers or refreshers for vets). My main concern is good content/updates/CTAs being sandwiched between more “filler” posts. I think all CTAs are important, but perhaps the less-important CTAs would suit better on a separate community account.

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I am not a fan of having 2 Twitter accounts [ironically]. Here are some reasons-

  1. Growth of the main account might suffer because of diverted interest
  2. Always easy to promote 1 account than 2
  3. If we start doing community centric posts from a new account we will initially have to cross promote on main as well. The question stands- how long should we do that because a new account will never have the old reach.
  4. Community updates might get lesser attention, making it difficult to reach a new crowd because only a limited group of regulars [who follow the alt account] will see it.
  5. Over time, the audience will get scattered [some might follow only the main, some might follow only the alt] making us inclined to double-post about the same things?

However, I do think we need to segregate information and prioritise the important ones over the others. Pinning posts has been a good strategy and imo a problem only arises when we have multiple priority things going on at once. For these situations, we can create a separate thread of all the priority tweets and pin it.

Could be something like-
" We have got a lot of fun things going all at once, don’t forget to skip out on any👇
:thread: Doge Pilgrimage what-a-what
:thread: $6K Giveaway raffle
:thread: BLB Spaces"
and the subsequent tweets could be quoted in the thread.

Apart from it, I think an intern or a community account can be created where we cross promote all the essential items from the main w/ reminders + some community meme outsourcing, etc. but source for all imp community updates/ events should be the OG OTD.


more channels does seem more difficult - i like simplicity and i think the community does too bc they are keeping up on more than just our project (other projects, work, life, etc)