DAOge should buy a nounlet

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1. Overview:

Tessera (formerly Fractional.art, the protocol that has been able to fractionalize the Doge NFT into $DOG) has come out with a new innovative way to fractionalize Nouns to allow people to participate in NounsDAO governance at a “fraction” of the cost and each piece is unique (which can be sported as a fun pfp). Noun #69 is available on secondary for 1.69 ETH. The DAOge should buy it.

2. Proposed use of $DOG grant:

The entirety of the 1.69 ETH would be used to buy the nounlet. The core team would work on the delegate campaign and/or fractionalizing the NFT to drop to pixel holders.

3. Experience

Tessera is the quintessential dapp to turn high priced NFTs into be collectively owned at affordable prices. They are continuing to experiment in fractionalized governance in one of the more crypto-native and innovative ecosystems that NounsDAO. This is an exciting time in collective ownership and governance and the DAOge should be a part of that.

4. Timeline

We can buy the nounlet ASAP upon approval.

5. Other Thoughts

Buying a nounlet wouldn’t only be for the culture, but to support fractionalized NFT governance (and possibly being able to vote on Nouns proposals ourselves). If we purchase the nounlet, we can campaign to become the first dog to sit on nouns governance.

If we can’t become a delegate, we keep the meme going and fractionalize the nounlet and drop them to our pixel holders as a future pixel perk.

Nounlet #69 here - https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x13901ecbbc74242795af3a3c9880a319d78796eb/69

Medium article here - https://medium.com/tessera-nft/wtf-are-nounlets-ec4d6e324910

website here - https://nounlets.wtf/


I’m in favor of this idea.


I think this can make sense IF the DAOge can become the elected representative, this would give us access to the private noun discord and potentially even find ways to create some synergies between the projects


first DAO to own a Nounlet (our access to the nouns ecosystem tying us closer together) - def in favor - right now they are at 42/100 so we should make a move - https://nounlets.wtf/

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Love the idea of having access to Nouns Governance & Communication channels. My main concern is with how to ensure we earn the delegation needed to have that access. Any ideas on how to campaign for the delegation? It would be a great alignment.

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what if we fractionalized the fractional noun?

we also need to move quickly to get delegate votes and/or buy multiple nounlets - Nounlets Governance | Nounlets

defihope has two i have one

price has gotten to .7 eth now

and only 11 left