Doge Coffee Shop (Vote Concluded)

Proposal by @Daogeshi. Vote live now on Snapshot

  1. Overview:

Project The project aims to allow for The Doge NFT to produce series of Doge Specialty Coffee for both the DAOge community and other web3 communities. My company is with this offering the DAOge the possibility to use my specialty coffee roasting facility and its resources, my experience, and my labor to allow all who are interested to get their paws on one of the most climate conscious and morally conscious coffees.

The project will begin with a trial run producing 112 bags of Doge Specialty Coffee and if successful thereafter continue the project with continuous batches. The project also includes an element that has the purpose of engaging the community (DAOge and web3) in designing the labels for the Doge Specialty Coffee bags. If the trial run is successful it would allow for consecutive batches of coffee to be sold under the Doge Specialty Coffee brand at a reduced price.

  1. Proposed use of $DOG grant:

Purchase of Fairtrade Organic Specialty Coffee from Peru grown using sustainable agroforestry techniques - 11€ x 60kg

Purchase of 500 compostable coffee bags (Minimum order size is 500 bags from the supplier)

Purchase of 1000/2 pairs of custom labels (500 front side labels and 500 back side labels, minimum order from this supplier is 1000/2 labels)

Cost for labor (Roasting, packaging & shipping), social insurances and taxes
30 hours x 40€ = 1200€

CO2 offset

1 Doge Pixel per 112 bags

Total: 2965€

  1. Experience

My experience within the coffee field began when I helped a friend start a coffee bar in back in 2015, this period gave me insight into the world of coffee from a baristas and café owners perspective. Later on I began my coffee roaster journey with roasting coffee in my oven which later manifested itself in the founding of Tellurian Goods Specialty Coffee Roastery, much due to lucky circumstances which I’ve told some of you also many years of saving up cash from my day-to-day work.

My project management and administrative experience springs from work managing municipal projects, being the municipal board chairman for the building and environment committee and being one of the board members of the municipal board, a few years working as an upper secondary school teacher for adults and now managing both my company as well as my main work as an insurance agent within a government agency.

I will furthermore not be managing the project and all that it entails by my own, I’ll have support from my wife who also is a stakeholder in the company. Her past experience is from working heads on with project management within both municipalities and state committees, she currently works as a corporate accountant and her degree is within business management (MBA).

  1. Timeline

I’ve sent out requests to my coffee bean supplier for the coffees mentioned above and I’ll within short decide which coffee will be suitable tastewise.

The project includes designing labels for the packages, the time which will be dedicated to this is currently an undefined variable yet to be defined.

Orders that are made to our suppliers arrive within 2-3 weeks. Roasting and packaging the coffee will take about 26 hours, spread out over 4-5 days.

I’m unable to estimate the amount of time that packaging and shipping will require. If we roast and send the coffee in one go after 112 orders have been made I humbly estimate it at 4 hours, if more time is required I’ll supply it freely.

  1. Other Thoughts

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what we can achieve together within this project.

Can we give out the coffee as a pixel perk? Whats the cost to ship a bag of coffee to USA from Sweden?

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