Doge Macy's Day Parade Balloon

I would like to see a doge balloon at Macy’s Day parade. Balloon costs somewhere in the realm of $100k for creation and first parade. Cost significantly goes down after that.

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Do we need to pay to get into parade?

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wow 100k seems pricey but still curious what is the “workflow” to even get this done?

Also got same question as DogeKing

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Okay, maybe it won’t be that cheap. Lol.

Here’s a breakdown I found:

  • cost to get into the parade & make a balloon: ~$190,000 (drops to ~$90k next year)
  • cost to fill the balloon: ~$510,000

So it might be closer to $750k-$1M.

Then you need 69 volunteers (aka doge fans) who would hold the balloon.

Yes, $190k for first timers. $90k for following years.

“cost to fill the balloon: ~$510,000”

holy moly that gas

maybe we can think about this the next bull run…

Yeah, hard to justify cost rn, but def could work with better timing.

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This but doge

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