Engage Freestyle Rapper Chris Turner for Marketing Videos

Chris Turner is an incredible British Rapper and Comedian who specialises in freestyles, taking audience suggestions. He has >400k subs on Youtube, with his most popular video getting 17M views. He has 13k followers on Insta as well, but Youtube is his main market.

OwnTheDoge has a personal connection to Chris, and we were in talks with him last year about doing an activation. I’d like to propose that we pick up the conversation.

Chris is highly intelligent, charming, funny, cheeky, and gets/supports crypto. He also appreciates memes, and likes what we’re about.

We had originally considered flying him to an NFT event where OwnTheDoge would have a presence. The idea was to get him to approach crypto celebs and notable figures, and rap to them about OwnTheDoge.

Typically Chris does stage shows where he takes suggestions from the audience, but he has also produced many videos where he approaches strangers on the street and gets their suggestions for a freestyle rap. So our pitch is in his wheelhouse.

I’m interested in that original idea, flying Chris and a camera crew, and a fixer to an event like NFT NYC. The result of this could be a 3-5min video which is accessible and funny, highlighting the NFT NYC experience in general, but also providing a lot of info about OwnTheDoge and the ins and outs of our DAOge. The video could also be cut into shorter clips for our TikTok and Twitter profiles.

However, I am also interested in the idea of engaging him to pre-prepare a rap and content spoken to camera, as part of a set of educational videos, explaining OwnTheDoge, as well as buying/selling, Pixel Perks, etc. These standalone videos can help us to onboard new community members in a novel and funny way.

When we were last speaking, the fee was around 20k all inclusive.

If we engage him, I would like to see us get 1 main video 5-7m long, which we can cut into about 10 shorter snippets.
Additionally I would like to get 5 30sec videos educating and explaining some simple OwnTheDoge concepts that we are consistently trying to push (the difference between us as DogeCoin, and how to buy/lock Pixels for example).

I would hope Chris would share and promote the main video from his channel, and let us use them as we wish.

I think $25k is a fair rate for an artist of his calibre to creating marketing collateral like this. He may accept part payment in $DOG.

NFT NYC is in April, so perhaps we want to book him for this if possible, or maybe we don’t need him to be on the ground at an event, depending on what sort of engagement we want…

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$25k :flushed: I’ve never heard of him but I’d assume he wouldn’t fly all the way out to NYC and not have other gigs already lined up…why the outrageous cost for a video?

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He has a busy tour schedule, so ideally a trip to NYC or wherever would align with that. When we last spoke he was working in Vegas, so a trip to NYC wasn’t as outrageous. IDK where he is rn.

25k is a figure I estimated, based on previous conversations with Chris and what I know of tv commercial production. It’s a comparable rate for a campaign like this IMO.

I think the value is in getting a number of videos, many of them short educational ones, helping onboard people and explain the project, etc. We have long needed content to help educate and excite people about Own The Doge. Chris can appeal to normies, as he’s not a crypto personality. IMO his videos would be funny, clever, and instructional, providing us with content we can use all over socials and our websites, for at least a year (until they get stale).

And the main/longer video will be shared to his audience of >400k subscribers.

What would you want to see for this proposal to have more impact/value?

What if we have a goal to get 100 new Pixel Holders, and can verify somehow if they came from ppl watching Chris’ videos? We could have part of his payment reserved until we hit that Pixel goal, incentivising him to push the content to his audience until they bite.

Good video content is invaluable. We could be paying a marketing agency like 50k for a video package that won’t be as unique and add as much wow as Chris can.

The idea to tie pixel mints to pay is cool,

I am wondering if we pitch a smaller engagement to start, maybe tutorials/how to’s, or something for him locally/on a trip he is already taking to reduce costs.

I think he is awesome and has a super smart and sarcastic style that fits own the doge well

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yep, cool idea to start with a smaller engagement to test the waters.

  1. Engagement is always a better tool to use compared to views.
  2. Is he involved?
  3. What information can he give that no one else can?
  4. Breakdown of cost
  5. Lifespan of campaign/comp to cost

i’m down for smaller engagement. i don’t think we need him in NYC to make good content for us.

  1. Right on!
  2. He’s a personal friend and I passed him on to Tridog and DK when we were first thinking of booking him, maybe 6 months ago. That gig fell apart, so it would be a matter of re-engaging him, which is easy to do. At this stage we haven’t reached out again, because I want to work with the DAO to figure out what we want first. Then we can pitch him and discuss our budget.
  3. It’s not that he can give information that others can’t. He will write/improvise raps from information that we give him. Likely educational info and background about us and the Doge in general. He can present the information in a unique and engaging style, that others can’t. As DK said, his tone fits with our branding. He is fun and funny and his raps add wow to the world.
  4. Depends what we decide we want. It seems like most people are keen on a smaller engagement than a 25k campaign. If we go with that, we could get him to make videos from his home studio. So costs would just be for his time and for him to share “x videos on y platforms, over z weeks”
  5. I’m not exactly sure what the “/comp to cost” bit means. Re the lifespan, if we get him to make some short, sharp, snappy little clips explaining how to mint pixels or telling the history of Doge, these could live on our websites for as long as we like them being there. So the assets can have a long life. Perhaps we get him to roll out videos over the course of a few weeks. Or perhaps we get him to send them all to us, and we upload them to our websites all at once.

Agree. He can work from home. Should I make a new proposal or something with a lower lift and more detailed breakdown of the videos he could make for us?


Maybe a free trial first? Lol I have no idea…there’s so many talented people that do things just because they love doge. Promos and commercials that aren’t randomly homegrown aren’t very sentient anymore. Especially for a dao…the only people he’d reach is us, everyone else thinks we’re on acid

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Let’s put this on hold

i overall like chris turner a lot & we talked to him before - just need to find the right way to engage him prob during the next bull