Make Doge Merch Great Again

LFD - a lot of content to read through here + we’ve been chatting about this for a while, so will circle back with more feedback but at the current bird’s eye view i think we’ve long waiting for someone to take this and own it in order to provide a service to the greater doge community as well as revenue to support our future dogely work xoxo

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  1. can help with legal with our attorney

  2. needs to be high quality - what isn’t available on amazon for doge today, memey/viral merch

  3. also would like to set a clear strategy on first drops/store offerings before kicking off

  1. great. Tax considerations as well, hopefully the attorney has some ideas, or maybe it has to be structured as a nonprofit (I’m not familiar with DAO revenue booking)

  2. agreed - I have some suppliers in mind

  3. My thinking was to get off the ground fast, the first things should be more basic ones that are easier to get produced in the US. As we’ve seen with moving the Doge couch, nothing overseas happens quickly, especially requiring ocean moves. That gets us to shirts, stickers, hoodies, hats primarily. Stuff like that.