Own The Doge IRL|Offline Event Flextags

Overview : Im proposing this idea asking to get funded about 2.5Eth to develop a flexible identification system called “IRL Own The Doge Flextags” that can be used in various settings such as IRL or Offline workplace, events, or public places. Flextags would consist of a small, wearable device that can be programmed with customizable information such as name, occupation, or contact information. The device would be designed to be easily attached to clothing or accessories and could be updated in real-time using a mobile app or web-based platform. The goal is to create a versatile identification solution that can adapt to different contexts and help streamline communication and networking.

The IRL Flextags Identification Idea can help the ecosystem of Own The Doge NFT in several ways:

  1. Facilitating Networking: The Flextags identification system can be used by attendees at Own The Doge NFT events, allowing them to easily identify and connect with each other. By providing attendees with a way to share their name, occupation, and other relevant information, Flextags can help foster networking opportunities and build a stronger community around the NFT.
  2. Enhanced Security: The Flextags device can also be used to enhance security at Own The Doge NFT events. By providing a way for event organizers to quickly identify attendees, security personnel can better monitor access to the event and ensure that only authorized individuals are present.
  3. Streamlined Communication: The Flextags system can also be used to streamline communication between attendees and event organizers. For example, attendees could use their Flextags device to scan a QR code at a booth or exhibit, which could then provide them with additional information about the NFT or allow them to sign up for future updates or promotions.

Sample Lay Out Design:

cc’ -Smoke

Overall, the Flextags identification system can help create a more connected, secure, and streamlined ecosystem for Own The Doge NFT, helping to build a stronger community and drive engagement.

Roadmap Plan Idea & Time Line Phase for the implementation of the IRL Flextags Identification system for Own The Doge NFT :

  1. Research and Planning Phase (1-2 weeks): This initial phase would involve conducting research on existing identification systems, defining the specific use cases and requirements for the Flextags system, and identifying potential partners and vendors to work with.
  2. Design and Development Phase (6-8 weeks): The design and development phase would involve designing the physical Flextags device and integrating any necessary security features.
  3. Prototype and Testing Phase (4-6 weeks): Once the design and development of the Flextags system is complete, a prototype would be created and tested for functionality, security, and user experience. User feedback would be incorporated into further iterations of the prototype.
  4. Production and Launch Phase (4-6 weeks): Once the prototype has been refined, the Flextags device would be produced and launched for use at Own The Doge NFT events. Marketing and promotion efforts would be implemented to raise awareness of the system and encourage adoption among attendees.
  5. Maintenance and Improvement Phase (Ongoing): As the Flextags system is used at more events, feedback and usage data would be collected and analyzed to identify areas for improvement. The system would be continually refined to improve user experience and ensure maximum effectiveness in streamlining communication and networking at Own The Doge NFT events.

Overall, this roadmap plan would prioritize thorough research and planning, iterative design and development, and ongoing maintenance and improvement to ensure the Flextags system is effective and valuable for attendees at Own The Doge NFT events.


I want to talk about the experience of handling the IRL Flextags Identification system at Own The Doge NFT events. As many of you may know, the Flextags system is a versatile identification solution that allows attendees to easily share information and network with each other.

Now, as with any new technology or system, there may be a learning curve for some attendees. However, I want to assure you that we have taken steps to make the experience of using Flextags as smooth and intuitive as possible.

First and foremost, we will be providing clear instructions on how to use the Flextags device and update your information using the mobile app or web-based platform. Our team of event staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and help guide you through the process.

Additionally, we will be implementing user-friendly features such as QR codes that can be scanned with the Flextags device to access additional information about exhibitors, speakers, or other event details.

Finally, we encourage attendees to provide feedback on their experience using the Flextags system. Your feedback will help us identify areas for improvement and ensure that future iterations of the system are even more effective and user-friendly.

So, in conclusion, I want to assure you that we are committed to making the experience of using the IRL Flextags Identification system at Own The Doge NFT events as smooth and seamless as possible. We believe that this system has the potential to greatly enhance networking and communication at our events, and we look forward to seeing it in action. Thank you.

Budget Allocation:

Developmental Cost (designing and producing the wearable device, This could include hiring a team of developers and designers to work on the project.) - 0.8 Eth
Printing Materials Cost (Hardware Stuff & Blank Cards) - 0.8 Eth
Production Team Cost (hiring staff to help with setup and maintenance)- 0.3 Eth
International Shipping Cost - 0.3 Eth
cc0 Own The Doge Customize Laces & Customize Boxes Cost - 0.3 Eth



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PS: Please take a look the full proposal document here ;

IRL|Offline Own The Doge Flextags

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Thankyou for reading my proposal, looking forward to make this amazing started with y’all massive support Own the Doge Fam. If you have questions & feedback you can DM me or comment it down below so that we can discuss what the best for this proposals! To God be the glory.


Very cool proposal friend; I will include in this comment one of your dope past proposals we discussed, that you couldn’t link directly.

Bus Stop :sparkles:

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would you want to partner with me on my proposal i made in november? it’s so similar and i’ve done a ton of research and work on it w/ design, protocols and contracts, even sourced a card manufacturer…just struggling to figure out how to budget doing all the things alone…

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Thankyou so much for the heads up smoke! Yes i do link out the Hack MD Link for the full document of the prop idea :innocent:

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Im down for the future, but for now i think i could try the first output before try to collaborate so that we can see what is the outcome and more to improve. but im looking forward on this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let this passed first! :pray: :dog:


I think the idea is cool and the budget for R&D for such project is reasonable, your experience is a big confidence boost when it comes to bringing the product to life too. However, I have two concerns:

  1. How is this going to benefit OtD in the long run (either by utility or by spreading doge values), except being used in IRL events? This is a physical product with main use case in IRL situations and OtD doesn’t have many IRL events on its own (except a ~20 people gathering at the very beginning and the upcoming pilgrimage), the use case is very limited at least in foreseeable 6 months. It doesn’t benefit most of the DAO memebers since many of us can’t attend IRL events either.
  2. I don’t think the Flextag tech is exclusively useable for OtD (it shouldn’t be!), it is hard to justify that the development cost would be borne by OtD only.

I would suggest bringing in more ideas on how to benefit OtD/the broader doge cause, for example

  • OtD funding the project in an equity investment way
  • OtD as a reseller to collect payment in $DOG
  • extended use case of the tech (if it can be remotely updated, it can become a merch/toy of some sorts?)

Thankyou for your questions !

While it is true that the Flextag technology is not exclusive to OtD and could potentially be used by other groups or individuals, it is important to consider the potential benefits that it could bring to the OtD community.

Firstly, Flextag offers a unique way for OtD members to display their commitment to the Doge values and to the OtD community. By wearing the Flextag, members can identify each other in real-life situations, which can help to build a sense of camaraderie and community spirit. This can be especially valuable for members who may feel isolated or disconnected from the community due to geographical or other barriers.

Secondly, the Flextag can serve as a conversation starter and a way to spread the message of OtD and Doge values beyond the existing community. When people see the Flextag in public, they may be curious and ask questions about what it represents. This can provide an opportunity for OtD members to explain the values and beliefs of the community and to recruit new members who share those values.

Finally, while it is true that OtD does not have many IRL events at the moment, it is possible that this could change in the future. As the community grows and evolves, there may be more opportunities for in-person gatherings and events where the Flextag could be used. In the meantime, the Flextag can still be a valuable tool for members who do attend events, such as the upcoming pilgrimage.

In terms of the development cost, it is true that OtD may not be the only group interested in using the Flextag technology. However, as a community that is committed to the values and beliefs represented by the Flextag, it makes sense for OtD to invest in the development and promotion of the technology. This can help to ensure that the Flextag remains closely associated with OtD and can continue to be a valuable tool for the community in the future.


This is very interesting and well written proposal! I think Own The Doge (OTD) does not have sufficient IRL membership/events at this moment to justify the creation of these tags, however, I do think if we ended up doing more IRL stuff it would be worth exploring further.

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“Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to review the proposal. I appreciate your feedback and perspective on the matter. I agree that we should focus on increasing our IRL membership and events before considering the creation of these tags. If we do end up expanding our IRL activities, it would be great to explore this idea further. Thanks again for your valuable input!”

I actually think you should really consider @meta_rach’s previous proposal idea as a collaboration opportunity. I flextags are very cool, but if we don’t have irl events at the moment, there’s really no use for people to wear them around.

However! There may be a better angle that these flex tags look more like membership cards (in this case, passports) that fit in your wallet rather than around your neck. Please give Rachel a moment of your time to talk with her, because I believe you both have the same ideas in mind, but need each other to execute a great product that people could want to carry ALL the time :slight_smile:


thankyou for this, I agree that collaboration can often lead to great ideas and solutions. It’s important to consider all feedback and suggestions when developing a product or service, and working together can help ensure that all aspects of the idea are thoroughly explored.don’t worry i will going reach out @meta_rach and discuss this further!


Awesome, if you guys would like help in meshing these ideas together and creating a new Proposal with an updated budget, I am happy to assist.

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Thank you for your offer to assist in meshing these ideas together and creating a new proposal with an updated budget. I think that would be extremely helpful. Could you please let me know what information you need from me to get started, and what the timeline for this process might be? I appreciate your willingness to help and look forward to working with you on this.

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Thanks for your proposal @bossjcrypto.eth.

It is really well put together, and I appreciate that.

I want to echo some thoughts above. OTD doesn’t currently do many IRL events, and the usecases you proposed (ppl wear it to show their commitment to Doge values, and as a conversation starter) don’t sound very realistic to me.

However, I think this speaks to a greater onboarding challenge for web3/crypto/nft communities. A lot of people in the space are anon, and they need to verify themselves.

I can see this Flextag having an NFC chip inside, so that it can be scanned by a phone with an appropriate app. Is that part of your thinking?

I don’t see anything in this proposal that speaks to developing an app, so that is a bit confusing. How does the card get loaded with information, if not via some sort of internet enabled UX?

I could see these cards (can be worn as a lanyard or kept in a wallet) being adopted by crypto people around the world. Maybe we launch it and they are Doge branded. And then we collaborate with other communities, like Nouns, and make Nouns branded cards for them. Maybe there’s an agnostic app, which allows you to connect to your Twitter account, and/or your Metamask, etc and then use NFC tech to scan your card and authenticate it.

Maybe it’s an app that major NFT events use to sign people in, and perhaps all guests receive a Flextag.

I can see that big concept playing out, but I don’t know what people are doing currently. Is a similar concept already in place?

I also agree that you should work with @meta_rach on this. Looking at her pitch, it looks like we you are on the same page, and Rach knows our community and its needs really well.

I’d love to see you work together and pitch a more refined concept. I love the idea, and wish that there was a place for us to approve it right now, but I think it needs more iteration to really support our community.

Thanks for putting the time into presenting this!


For sure, I reached out via discord to set up a meeting; Talk soon.

Thank you for your response! I completely agree that onboarding new members to the web3/crypto/nft communities is a challenge, especially since many participants remain anonymous.

Regarding your question about the Flextag, an NFC chip could definitely be included to enable scanning by a phone with an appropriate app. As for loading information onto the card, it could be done via an internet-enabled UX, or even through a physical card reader if necessary.

I think your idea of launching Doge-branded Flextags and collaborating with other communities for branded versions is a great way to expand the concept. An agnostic app that allows users to connect to their social media or wallet accounts and authenticate their Flextags could also be very useful.

As far as I know, there isn’t currently a similar concept in place, but I think it has a lot of potential. I agree that working with @meta_rach would be beneficial, and I’m excited to see where this concept could go with more iteration and refinement. Thank you for your support and feedback!

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would be good to see the financial ask in DOG / USD not in ETH

also, i think this is interesting, but needs to be refined further in something people would wear and use to onboard new DOG holders

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Thank you for your feedback sir. I appreciate your suggestion to include the financial ask in DOG / USD instead of ETH. I will definitely take this into consideration and make the necessary adjustments to the proposal.

In addition, I agree that the concept of Flextags has potential but could benefit from further refinement to make it more appealing and practical for people to wear and use to onboard new DOG holders. I plan to conduct market research and gather feedback from potential users to refine the design, materials, and features of the product. I also intend to collaborate with our core members and thought leaders in the DOG community to promote the product and generate interest among potential buyers.

Thank you again for your feedback, and I look forward to continuing to develop this concept to help onboard new DOG holders and promote the Own The Doge movement.